Zenit 18 camera?

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📷 Zenit camera?

Zenit (Russian: Зени́т) is a Russian (and formerly Soviet) camera brand manufactured by KMZ in the town of Krasnogorsk near Moscow since 1952 and by BelOMO in Belarus since the 1970s. The Zenit trademark is associated with 35 mm SLR cameras. Among related brands are Zorki for 35 mm rangefinder cameras, Moskva (Moscow) and Iskra for medium-format folding cameras and Horizon for panoramic ...

📷 Zenit 11 camera?

Zenit 11 top. The KMZ and Belomo manufactured Zenit 11 ( Зенит 11) 35mm SLR was a member of the Zenit E family derived from the Zenit ET but with different control placement and generally in all black but examples with chrome tops are known. Examples were produced with several strap lug variations and with the Zenit name in either Latin or ...

📷 Zenit 19 camera?

The Zenit 19 (Зенит) is a 35mm film SLR produced by Krasnogorsk Mechanical Works KMZ in the USSR from 1979 to 1987. It is in the Zenit series. There are 3 types and 5 sub-types of the camera. 1 It possess an all new vertical-travel metal shutter with a wide range of electronically timed speeds. Just like the Zenit TTL, it has the stop-down needle metering system. The meter and DOF Preivew ...

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Zenit 18 (Зенит) is a 35mm film SLR camera made by KMZ and produced between 1980-87 with quantities of 7.001 units. It is a rare camera and there are two types of it.

Zenit 18 is a follow-on in the Zenit series of the Zenit 19, using mostly the same SLR body, but omitting the DOF preview button, and transferring the activation of the light meter from it to the shutter release. This camera also offers aperture-priority automatic exposure, a significant first for Zenit M42-mount cameras.

Zenit-18 is a follow-on of Zenit-19, using mostly the same SLR body, but with omitting the DOF preview button, and transferring the activation of the light meter from it to the shutter release. This camera also offers aperture priority automatic exposure, a significant first for Zenit M42-mount cameras.

Zenit cameras (sometimes badged in cyrillic, ЗЕНИТ) were made by the KMZ factory near Moscow. Some models were made by MMZ (BelOMO). The original Zenit was an SLR based on the Zorki rangefinder. The early Zenit SLR have a specific screw mount, 39mm in diameter, sometimes called "ZM39" (or "Zenit M39") to distinguish it from the regular M39 (or Leica thread mount). If you mount an LTM lens ...

Zenit (en ruso Зени́т) es una marca soviética, y ahora rusa, de cámaras y objetivos fotográficos.Los cuerpos de estas cámaras han sido producidos por las fábricas KMZ (Krasnogorskiy Mekhanicheskiy Zavod; Fábrica Mecánica de Krasnogorsk) a partir del año 1952 y hasta 2005 en Moscú y BelOMO (Belorusskoe Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie; Asociación óptico-mecánica de ...

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Cámaras Fotográficas - Réflex (no autofoco) JoseSanto (4) 50 ,00 €. Admite ofertas. Cámara ZENIT - EM, Reflex años 70 de la Unión Soviética URSS, funda original. Objetivo Helios 44. Cámaras Fotográficas - Réflex (no autofoco) luismiguelnieto (456) 120 ,00 €.

121,993 Zenit 19 cameras were produced by KMZ until the production line was shut down. The Zenit 19 was further developed into the rare Zenit 18, which added an Aperture-Priority shooting mode, and moved the meter activation back to the shutter button. Only 7,001 Zenit 18's were produced over the timespan of 1980 to 1987. Zenit T-1

CÁMARA REFLEX ZENIT-E 3EHNT CON HISTORIA Barcelona CÁmara de fotos reflex zenit-e 3ehnt. muy poco uso. para coleccionistas y/o personas entendidas. información de interÉs, para historiadores y coleccionistas. en 1989 wasa organizó y lideró el comité ciudadano del presidente del sindicato solidaridad siendo únicamente un cuerpo de asesores, pero en la práctica era un tipo de partido ...

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  • The Zorki was a product of the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Factory (KMZ), which also produced the Zenit single lens reflex camera (SLR). The first Zorki cameras are inexpensive Leica II copies just like the FED, but later models are considerably different from the Leica.

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