Ysl lou camera bag review?

Domenic Upton asked a question: Ysl lou camera bag review?
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  • The YSL Lou Camera Bag is a very classy and good bag 🙂 The leather is smooth and even though I worry about scratching, I don’t have any. The tassel is removable, which is nice since I prefer it without.


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Those of you who have read my review of Saint Laurent Loulou Toy would know that I was equally unimpressed by the strap of that style too. The YSL Lou camera bag mirrors a lot of the same issues, in that the shoulder strap is similarly thin and basic. There are no chain or substantial metallic elements which could make it more exiting.

All in all, if you are looking to add a crossbody bag to your collection, then the YSL Lou Camera bag is definitely one to look at. It is comfortable, spacious, not as common as other luxury designer camera bags and also has a classy design which can take you from day to night.

YSL LOU CAMERA BAG REVIEW – pros and cons, mod shots, what fits inside - YouTube.

Overall Review. The YSL mini camera bag does come in many colours, but I love this beige one. The neutral nude colour goes well with literally ANY outfit – be it neutrals, colours, or patterns, I’ve not been disappointed.

The YSL LouLou is the perfect bag for the modern day woman, and we’ve compiled a detailed review to explain exactly why. YSL LouLou Design. If asked to describe the design of the YSL LouLou in a few words, we’d say that it is a feminine bag with a slight rock and roll feel to it.

Ordered a YSL Lou camera bag in light beige from Saks. Saved a total of $380, or 27% off retail. I used FASHIONSF code to get $275 off $1000 (ends 10/9/2020) and 8% cash back from Rakuten. Great deal, this is the 3rd YSL I’ve gotten from Saks because with their coupons and Rakuten cash back, I saved 27-30% off retail price.

The Lou YSL Bag. The simple Lou bag is every minimalist fashionista’s best friend. Modeled after a camera bag, the Lou has a soft yet boxy structure, plus practical details like an exposed zipper fastening and adjustable shoulder strap. As a nod to the LouLou, this bag most commonly features a chevron-quilted upper.

The YSL Lou Camera Bag is a very classy and good bag 🙂 The leather is smooth and even though I worry about scratching, I don’t have any. The tassel is removable, which is nice since I prefer it without. I like that it comes in a lot of different colors and hardwares!

Saint Laurent Lou Camera Bag 👜 : the jewel bag. The Lou bag is like an Yves Saint Laurent fragrance bottle : sexy, finely crafted, decorative… and contains treasures ! Lou is a shoulder bag a bit bigger than a pouch so that it is light and convenient but still allows you to carry your stuff around easily.

Through appointing different creative directors and dropping the “Yves” in a RTW rebrand, the continued cult-like following of YSL bags (the brand kept the “Y” for monogramming purposes) proves their quality, style, and demand for years to come.

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