You have lost your pan card but you remember the pan number how do you get a proof of your pan card?



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📷 You have lost your pan card though you remember your pan number how do you get a print out of your pan card?

Contact the card issuerhow do I get to the issuer?

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Search for a copy of PAN Card at your place. The enclosed letter that comes with the Card also serves as a proof for the same. OR go and get a copy of FIR from nearest police station.

There are two ways by which you can recover your pan number :- Go to the Inxomw tax efilling portal and search for Know your Pan , It ll provide you the Pan by just entering your name and DOB. The other way is to go to TinNsdl site and click on th...

Do you remember purchasing foreign currency exceeding INR50k? If yes, then you would have provided your PAN details to the firm/agency/bank from where you purchased the same. That can be a good place to check too. If you have applied for a credit card recently, then your application form will have your PAN number. Talk to customer service and ...

However, National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) offers the option of getting a duplicate copy in case of theft or loss of PAN card. Online application to obtain a PAN can be made through its website. NSDL e-Gov has been entrusted by Income Tax (I-T) department for acceptance and processing of PAN applications.

So if you have lost your PAN card and aren’t sure as to what needs to be done next, here are a few simple steps which you need to follow to get a reprinted card. Log onto the official website of TIN-NSDL and navigate to the section on online application for PAN. Once here, choose the option “Reprint of PAN card.”.

After you have filled the same you will be asked for document that you will submit as proof. As a proof of PAN you can submit Copy of PAN Card , Allotment letter. In case you have lost your PAN you must select no documents.

Permanent Account Number (PAN) refers to a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card by the Income Tax Department in India. It is a must to have a PAN number for all those who file their income tax returns, as well as for all correspondence with any income tax authority in the country.

So, go through carefully and know your PAN card information by name and DOB. You cannot get PAN card details with address. PAN or Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit unique identification number; however it is a card of plastic, but a significant document as well as Identity proof.

I lost my PAN card. How to get a duplicate PAN with the same number? You can apply for a reprint or duplicate PAN (Permanent Account Number), using your PAN number.

For knowing your PAN number online, you will be required to provide some vital details like your name, father's name and your date of birth. After knowing the PAN you can apply for duplicate PAN card by submitting the "Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data".

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However, there are some other photo requirements for the Indian PAN card applications. Indian PAN Card Photo Requirements. These requirements below are obligatory for your pan status to be approved. Your photo must be 3.5 cm in height and 2.5 cm in width. Your photo must have a white background. Your photo cannot be stapled or clipped.

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It is very easy process, check the details by below link www. technoswami. com/instant-pan-card/

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