Yashicaflex camera value?

Kip Fay asked a question: Yashicaflex camera value?
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📷 Argus camera value?

The Argus company was founded in 1936, in Michigan, USA. A lot of Argus camera models were manufactured by other companies like Mamiya, Cosina, Petri, Chinon, Whitehouse, Iloca, Haking, Hanimex, Shanghai Camera and Balda..

📷 Box camera value?

Box cameras rely on the most basic form of photographic technology, utilizing a sealed rectangular container with a fixed focus lens on one end and film at the other. Early designs from the mid-1800s generally lacked any control over focus, aperture, or shutter speed. Most box cameras came equipped with meniscus lenses, which are convex on the exterior and concave inside, and were sunk into the front panel. Box cameras frames were...

📷 Brownie camera value?

A very clean and stylish Art Deco Kodak Beau Brownie in turquoise and in working condition sold for about $750. An untested Kodak Brownie Hawkeye in questionable working condition sold for only about $5. Can you get film for a Brownie camera? The Hawkeye35 Adapter Will Let You Shoot 35mm Films with the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye.

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Yashica D Camera with f1:3.5 80mm Copal MXV Lens/case and Autographic Kodak Jr. $75.00.

Hey guys, join me as I talk about what is my favourite camera currently! This is a bit more intimate than any video done before, so do let me know what you t...

Yashicaflex S This is a fairly early model from 1954 and was launched as the first Japanese camera with a selenium meter, using a huge light sensor under the nameplate. This is a particularly early S model, without the Bay 1 filter mounts. Taking lens is Yashimar 80mm f3.5 Shutter is Copal 1 to 1/200: Yashicaflex S (later)

Production figures are simply as quoted in “Collector's Pictoral Encyclopaedia & Value Guide to 6x6 TLR Cameras” by Karl F. Kahlau (with the author's kind permission). I have omitted his Yashima Flex figure of 26,828 which seems high to me.

Yashica 44 LM Baby 4x4 TLR Film Camera Yashinon 3.5/60. $299.00. Free shipping. Make Offer. - Yashica 44 LM Baby 4x4 TLR Film Camera Yashinon 3.5/60. Tell us what you think. - opens in new window or tab.

Yashimaflex and Yashicaflex are medium format film TLR cameras made by Yashica and produced between 1953-59. They use 120 film for 6x6cm frames. 1 1 Models 1.1 Yashimaflex 1.2 Yashicaflex B (old model) 1.3 Yashicaflex S 1.4 Yashicaflex A-I 1.5 Yashicaflex A-II 1.6 Yashicaflex AS-I 1.7...

Camera 1 is early bodied Yashicaflex A-I with cable release shutter and a screw-in ferrule for the cable release socket which has sometimes been lost, camera 2 is a later bodied example with the ferrule replaced by a more secure screw fastened plate with tapped hole for the cable, camera 3 is a later bodied version with press button shutter and plain cover plate on the shutter housing and ...

The Yashica A is a Japanese-made twin lens reflex camera manufactured between 1956 and 1960. When it was released, it was marketed as the lowest tier model in a line of three budget-friendly TLRs, priced at $29.95. Ads in photography magazines asked, “When, if ever, have you seen camera value like YASHICA”?. Imagine, in 2020, how bare-bones a camera must be if it was the benchwarmer of the ...

Yashica-C - Vintage TLR 120 Roll Film Camera, Yashikor 1:3.5/f=80mm Lens & Case. £199.99. Click & Collect. £12.00 postage. Case for Yashica Mat Twin Lens Reflex TLR film camera. Real leather as seen. £48.00. Click & Collect.

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Antique polaroid camera value?

Amazon, eBay and Etsy are good resources to determine the going rate for many popular models. You can find the vintage Polaroid One Step camera in "new" condition for between $125 and $399, and as low as $15 used. Another popular model, the Polaroid Sun 600 LMS, sells for anywhere between $125 and $170 new, and down to $11 secondhand.

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Argus c4 camera value?

Argus: Argus C4 - 1951-1957. 35mm rangefinder camera. Known as Argus C-four.

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Baby brownie camera value?

For only $0.25 more than Baby Brownie price of $1.00, one could have a direct optical view finder and an easy-to-use shutter release. Think of it...$1.25 for a workhorse camera like the Baby Brownie Special, even in the 1940's and 1950's, is amazing! No record of how many were produced here in the US but it had to be in the hundreds of thousands.

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Best camera value 2019?

Best digital cameras for 2019 1. Nikon D3500 Nikon D3500

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Best value camera bag?

As with all backpacks that feature a separate internal camera bag, it’s never quite as quick as simply opening the main bag and getting to your gear – you need to unzip the internal one too. 7/10 Value for Money

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Best value osc camera?

sloz1664. Value is a difficult thing to measure. But let's go with something quantitative: chip size. So comparing 2 cameras at the same price if all other things were equal, I'd say to go with the larger sensor. As such if you want OSC, a cooled sensor and BIG, then the QHY8L would be hard to beat.

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Best value security camera?

You can get a lot in an indoor camera for less than $100. Wyze Cam Pan: Best cheap indoor camera It pans, it tilts, it zooms, and it doesn’t break the bank. The Wyze Cam Pan is crazy affordable and a great indoor security camera.

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Brownie fiesta camera value?

Brownie Camera (110) 1980 : Brownie Chiquita : 1954-1964 : Brownie Cine Camera : 1951 : Brownie Cresta : 1955-1958 : Brownie Cresta 3 : 1960-1965 : Brownie Cresta II : 1956-1959 : Brownie Fiesta : 1962-1966 : Brownie Fiesta (Flash) 1950-1961 : Brownie Fiesta 3 : 1962-1966 : Brownie Fiesta R4 : 1966-1969 : Brownie Flash 20 : 1959-1962 : Brownie ...

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Brownie hawkeye camera value?

The camera was introduced in 1950 for $7.00 and the last one was made in July of 1961. A non-synchronized model was produced from May 1949 to November of 1951 known as simply the Brownie Hawkeye and the camera was also produced in France with the name Brownie Flash Camera.

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Brownie movie camera value?

Brownie Camera (110) 1980 : Brownie Chiquita : 1954-1964 : Brownie Cine Camera : 1951 : Brownie Cresta : ... Brownie Movie Camera II : 1956-1958 : Brownie No.0 Model A (UK) 1914-1935 : Brownie No.0 Model A (US) 1914-1935 : ... No value prediction Low estimate accuracy Low-medium estimate accuracy

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Brownie starlet camera value?

Vintage Kodak Brownie Starlet Camera made in London England Limited Damaged!! $64.33. $8.55 shipping. or Best Offer.

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Chinon cs camera value?

Chinon Industries was established in 1948. Besides its own cameras, Chinon produced parts for Canon lens, cameras for Kodak, GAF and movie cameras for NEC, until it was bought by Kodak in 1997. Icons legend: No value

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Good value travel camera?

In fact, the Panasonic Lumix TZ00 is our pick for the title of best travel camera you can buy right now. It ticks all the boxes that a good travel camera should: it’s compact and discreet, yet also...

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Mercury 2 camera value?

Universal Camera: Mercury II (Mod CX) - c1945. 35mm film, viewfinder camera. 65 exposures per roll. Antique, vintage and used digital cameras/lenses price guide.

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Mycro camera value guide?

Sanwa: Mycro I - c1947-1949. 14x14mm exposures on rollfilm, subminiature camera. Viewfinder is in the high top housing, no Coated lens on the front. Some are marked as Mycro SANWA SHOKAI.

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Mycro camera value pack?

Amazon.com : SPYPOINT Link-Micro-LTE-V Value Pack Cellular Trail Camera 4 LED Infrared Flash Game Camera with 80-Foot Detection & Flash Range 4G-Capable 10MP 0.5-Second Trigger Speed Hunting Camera VZN : Sports & Outdoors

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Sony betamovie camera value?

Free shipping. or Best Offer. Sony Betamovie Camera BMC-110, 2 batteries Untested, No Cords. AS IS. $25.00. $16.36 shipping.

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The victo camera value?

16mm Victor Cine Camera USA Model 4 mit Objektiv-Revolver C-mount Schmalfilm 16. $326.36. $42.71 shipping. or Best Offer.

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Vintage argus camera value?

Argus cameras: Years of manufacture: 3D Stereo : 1998 : Argoflex 40 (Fourty) 1950-1954 : Argoflex E : 1940-1948 : Argoflex EF : 1948-1951 : Argoflex EM (Argoflex II) 1948 : Argoflex Seventy-Five : 1949-1953 : Argus (SLR) 1962-1966 : Argus 127 : c1960s : Argus 19 : 1947-1948 : Argus 21 (Markfinder) 1947-1952 : Argus 345X Electric Eye : 1973 : Argus 545 : 1987 : Argus 75

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Vintage polaroid camera value?

As well as the brand new models being produced by Polaroid today, along with a whole host of other swish gadgets, old Polaroid cameras still command a good price.That’s why we’re here to give you some advice on ascertaining your vintage Polaroid camera ‘s value.. The first thing to note is that it’s incredibly difficult to put an exact value on a vintage Polaroid camera without a full ...

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Ansco regent camera value center?

Check out Ansco Camera Factory located in Binghamton NY today! THE LOFTS The Building Contact US ... The Ansco Super Regent LVS was the first camera in America offering the light value system. Many others soon followed suit. 3..2..1.. lift off. THE COMPANY DESIGNS A SPECIAL HIGH SPEED REVERSAL FILM FOR THE SPACE PROGRAM. It is used to record Alan Shepards face during his sub-orbital flight. The following year, 20 years after seizing control of the company, Congress finally passes a bill to ...

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Ansco regent camera value chart?

Evaluate and research: Ansco Regent folding 35 mm camera w/ 1:3. 5/50 Agfa Solinar Lens - Germany

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Ansco regent camera value plan?

For a period of approximately 15 years, cameras originating with the Ansco company of Binghamton, New York, USA, and some from Agfa in Germany, were branded as Agfa Ansco.During the WWII years, Ansco severed its partnership with Agfa, but by the early 1950s, Ansco was once again importing Agfa cameras, and rebranding them with Ansco product names.. The Ansco Regent is an Agfa Solinette II — a folding, scale focus 35mm camera, but the only lens and shutter options were the Apotar and ...

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