Wordpress links have no image when posted in facebook?

Mariane Stracke asked a question: Wordpress links have no image when posted in facebook?
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In WordPress, go to the dashboard, open the SEOpress section and click Social Networks. In this section, you can enable the open graph data and you can also set a default thumbnail for social sharing. When this is enabled, any time Facebook cannot find an image to use in the preview, it will select this default image.


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  • The first add-on solution is a plugin called the Cimy Header Image Rotator. This plugin allows you to rotate images (header images in particular) and control them as you like in the settings. You can set the timing of the transitions and the style of the trasitions.

📷 Find where image links illustrator?

  • The most helpful way to check the status of your placed image is through the “Links Panel”. Select “Windows” => “Links” and your links panel will display. The Links Panel helps you manage all your linked and embedded artwork. The links panel will display the status of your artwork/image.

📷 Remove image when post is deleted from wordpress?

  • To remove a picture from a post or page, select the image by clicking on it in the visual editor, and that make a menu appear over the image, then click the “x” in the menu. Performing this action will delete the image from the post or page.

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You can either go into your pages and add a featured image, or set a default image in SEO > Social > Facebook for pages or posts that don’t have a featured image, or set featured images in the Yoast meta box, inside individual posts or pages.

The Facebook debug tool is the easiest way to troubleshoot Facebook thumbnail issues. Simply copy the URL of your WordPress post and paste it in the debugger tool. After that click on the Scrape Again button, and Facebook will update the thumbnail for your post. Sometimes, you may have to click the Scrape Again button twice.

Some (most?) modern WordPress themes will include code that automatically adds the Open Graph tags so that your WordPress Featured Image gets used when you share a post on Facebook. If your theme doesn’t include this code, you can use a WordPress plugin to handle it.

The Facebook preview has no image as the post had no images or featured image. If there are no images, Facebook can’t add one. 🙂. There’s a difference if I add the link to a Facebook page. This time there’s a section below the preview pane with a +. Click on that and there’s the option to add your own image.

If the image from the webpage you’re posting doesn’t automatically appear, go to developers.facebook.com/tools/debug. You’ll see this: Paste in the URL and hit debug. You’ll get lots of information including when and how the URL was scraped, meta tags, and images.

This is usually due to the featured image or uploaded image not meeting Facebook’s size requirements. It is best to adhere to their recommended image specifications: Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices.

This is a problem I have encountered usually the first time I post a link to a new YouTube video or a new blog post on Facebook. This is the easiest way I ha...

I don’t know the exact cause of this particular issue, but it seems like when one provides a link on a new message / post that contains images, Facebook’s back-end sometimes simply fails to grab images. Sometimes Facebook will grab completely irrelevant images like the small banner ones on the sidebar of the website. Take a look at the screenshot below that illustrates this issue: For this particular example, I grabbed a random post from a while ago.

The next thing you’ll want to do is set the default image that is shared if you don’t have a featured image set and there aren’t any other images on a specific page for social media sites to pull from. Out favorite way to do this is with the Yoast SEO plugin. Facebook. After installing Yoast SEO, go to SEO > Social > Facebook to get started. Since Facebook tends to be the trickiest platform to make cooperate, it’s a good place to start.

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How to add or Change banner images on your WordPress website?

  • To add or change your banner image: Log into your WordPress website Upload banner image (s) Click on Media (left navigation) > Add New You will see a ‘Multi-file uploader’ – you can do the... Click on Media (left navigation) > Add New You will see a ‘Multi-file uploader’ – you can do the same tasks ...

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What is the best WordPress slider plugin?

  • Introducing the Best WordPress Slider Plugins Soliloquy. Soliloquy is a very competent WordPress slider plugin that has been around for a while… MetaSlider. MetaSlider is owned by the same company behind UpdraftPlus… Smart Slider 3… Slide Anything… Slider by 10Web… Slider Revolution… Layer Slider… Master Slider… Ultimate Responsive Image Slider… WP Slick Slider and Image Carousel… More items...

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Wordpress table where featured image is stored?

  • When you set featured image also known as thumbnails, WordPress saves this information as a meta key _thumbnail_id and stores it in the postmeta table of your database. Deleting your files from server using an FTP client will remove them from your server, but it will not remove them from the WordPress database.

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Why do i get error when i upload an image to wordpress?

  • Your WordPress files are stored on your web hosting server and need specific file and directory permissionsto work. Wrong file permissions prevent WordPress from reading or uploading file on the hosting server. You may get the following error when uploading image file: ‘Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2019/04.

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When will facebook correct the image problems?

The issue: random images. Having a look at the timeline of our fan page for word-grabber.com we noticed that especially for the automatic posts the image being used was sometimes matching the posts featured image and was sometimes another, at first glance random, image from the post content. An example is the article image from above, where we planned on using a game icon, but Facebook choose ...

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When will facebook fix the image problem?

This problem is equally common with... Images Not Loading Problem in Facebook [FIX]A common issue reported by Facebook users is Facebook images are not loading.

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Can a featured image be a video wordpress?

You can change it to open the video only when featured image is clicked, or to display featured video and auto-play if possible… See why you should never upload a video to your WordPress site. The plugin can handle YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion videos, and we recommend you upload on one of those sites.

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How big should a wordpress image file be?

  • When it comes to WordPress and image sizes, we’re always looking at four different ones, with your original image file and the three different sizes WordPress creates by default: Thumbnail size: 150px (square) Medium size: Max width and height of 300px Large size: Max width and height of 1024px

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How do i change image urls in wordpress?

  • Under select tables, scroll down and select the “ wp_posts ” table which contains image URLs, and URLs embedded inside posts and pages. Then uncheck the “Run as dry run?” option and hit the Run Search/Replace button. Wait for the processing to take place.

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How do i hide an image in wordpress?

First insert the image(s) you want to hide into your post. Then, click the Text tab in the upper right hand corner of your WordPress post editor. Find the image tag for the image you want to hide. Add this code before the opening img tag.

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How to add class in featured image wordpress?

Can you add a featured image to a post in WordPress?

  • Beginners Guide to Featured Images in WordPress. Featured Images or Post Thumbnails is a theme feature. Most themes such as Genesis and others support featured images by default. An easy way to figure out whether your theme supports featured images is by going to the post editor.

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How to change an image size in wordpress?

Changing WordPress Default Image Sizes

  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings - Media.
  3. In Media Settings, edit the width and height dimensions to suit your values.
  4. Click Save Changes to confirm.

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How to change background image in wordpress page?

How do I change background image in WordPress?

  • Changing WordPress Background Image and Color. To change the Background Image go to Appearance > Background in the dashboard. Then Under the heading Background Image click Select Image. Next, select the image or upload a new image, then click Save & Publish button to save the background image.

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How to change image in module in wordpress?

  • The first step, of course, is to log into WordPress and click to edit the post or page you want to assign an image to. Next you want to click on the “Set Featured Image” link on the left side of your post editor. If you do not see this option check under the “Screen Options” tab in the top right corner.

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How to change product image dimensions in wordpress?

  • How to change product image dimensions In order to configure the image dimensions, follow the steps listed below: Open your WordPress admin panel and navigate to WooCommerce -> Products. Select Product tab and click Display: Scroll down to change the parameters for the following options: Catalog image, Single Product image, Product Thumbnails;

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How to define featured image variables in wordpress?

  • Defining Featured Image Variables and Image Existence Next, define and set the following variables to be used when uploading image to WordPress Media Library and associating the image file to a WordPress post as a featured image: postID– set this value equal to a Post or Page id (integer)

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Is there a responsive image slider for wordpress?

  • This plugin will allow you simply select images from WordPress media library, drag and drop them into place and also supports WordPress posts and WooCommerce products. It’s fully responsive, highly customizable and works smoothly on iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge.

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What causes the image upload issue in wordpress?

  • What Causes The Image Upload Issue in WordPress. The image upload issue in WordPress is typically caused by incorrect file permissions. Your WordPress files are stored on your web hosting server and need specific file and directory permissions to work. Wrong file permissions prevent WordPress from reading or uploading file on the hosting server.

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What does a featured image mean in wordpress?

  • A WordPress featured image, also known as a post thumbnail, can represent your posts, pages, or custom post types. Such images will most commonly accompany your posts when viewed from the archive or homepage of your website. It will also be visible when your posts are shared on other platforms.

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Where to put header image on wordpress website?

  • If you are using a 180px tall image on your homepage, insert the image URL next to ‘Main Page Header’, and insert the URL for the 70px tall header next to ‘Secondary Page Header’. According to York’s Communications Standards, a 180px tall header image should only be used on a website’s mainpage; all other pages should use the 70px tall image.

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How do i add multiple links to an image?

Click on an image area or the elements within the image area. Then, click “Edit Link & Background.” Then, click “Add Link.” and type in your desired link. In this example, we are going to use example.com/subscribe for our subscribe button: Click on the other image area and add another link.

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How do you add image links from your computer?

Right-click the image, then click one of the following depending on your browser:

  1. Chrome - Click Copy image address.
  2. Firefox - Click Copy Image Location.
  3. Microsoft Edge - Click Copy link.
  4. Internet Explorer - Click Properties, select the URL to the right of the "Address" heading, and press Ctrl + C .

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What to do when your facebook post does not have an image?

  • When you see your image appear, you will know that Facebook can now see your image tag and image dimensions correctly. Go back to step one, and share your blog page again, and your post will work perfectly. There are also debugging tools available for Twitter and Linkedin if you need to use them.

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How do you make an image enlarge when you hover over it wordpress?

  1. Access Image Hover. In the left column navigation, mouse over the “Image Hover” link and click the “Image Hover” link.
  2. Use the Image Magnifier…
  3. Create the New Style…
  4. Name and Save the Style…
  5. Open a Form…
  6. Open the Image Library…
  7. Choose Your Image…
  8. Fine Tune and Submit.

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How do i print photos which have been posted on facebook?

One great way to print your photos from Facebook is get someone else to do it! The is nicest way i have found is 'Facebook Tiles' by 'The Resin Man'. Not only do they print your photos but they also mount them in a very cool, unique, and clean way.


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