Why does my blink camera not pick up motion?

Aletha Bogisich asked a question: Why does my blink camera not pick up motion?
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1) Access the Blink system and ensure the motion detection is turned on. Go to the setting where you can find the motion detection on and off button. 2) The next step is the check whether the camera is armed… 3) Check another setting in the app where it says the entire system is armed.

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The Blink Camera detection motion range is approximately 25 feet from the device. Here are some of the reasons why your Blink camera may have a problem operating the primary function in normal conditions. 1) Software Update: There are two reasons why a software update can cause your Blink Camera problem. Number one is the regular firmware update.

Have someone record the malfunctioning camera and start a ticket with blink support. That makes it a lot quicker process with blink and if you got it from Amazon or another place you can also replace the camera through them. Last question, you are getting 3 bars from camera to wifi and camera to sync module, if so camera issue it is.

Thanks for the info. I was kinda thinking that, 1.5v when not under load. I don’t get why I could view the camera live and take a screenshot fine, but motion wouldn’t work. I would assume more power is required for motion and recording to happen, you would think the camera would know that the batteries are bad at that point.

Sometimes, if the camera has a weak connection to your wireless router, it can cause the camera to record false motion clips. Increasing the retrigger time should resolve this issue. You can also move the camera closer to your wireless router. If your camera is placed outdoors, it will be more prone to false motion alerts.

For Android 8.0+ users, if you are receiving notifications but you do not hear the notification sound, you may need to change the importance of the notification. From the Blink app, tap on Notifications from the Manage Account side menu. Make sure that the toggle is set to on. Tap on the words "Motion Notification"

Some users might have experienced that their security camera is not reacting to people walking into its frame, nor does the camera capture any motion events. In such case, it's likely that user forgets to configure motion detection setting during setup stage. Some security cameras will initiate motion detection by default while some are not.

Then if you are lucky enough to catch them walking right across the front of 3 cameras before they are already at the front door with the storm door open then you get the top of someones head. There’s no setting that works. They pick up cobwebs ,wasp ,blowing leaves & shadows on the concrete but cant pick up a man who’s already walked up or across ...

Red Light Indicator. If your Live View fails or isn’t working correctly, there is a visual indicator that may help identify the issue. Most Blink camera models have an adjustable LED indicator light that represents the status of your device. For example, when it’s blue, the camera is actively recording events.

By default, Blink cameras can detect motion up to around 25 feet. However, certain factors, like placement, object size, and more, can affect the camera’s ability to detect motion in this range reliably. Based on how Blink cameras detect motion, the range at which they can function can vary.

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