Why does my back camera not work iphone 7 plus?

Alayna Thompson asked a question: Why does my back camera not work iphone 7 plus?
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Go to the phone Setting>General>Accessibility and turn off the 'Voice-Over' feature. After that, wait for a while and again launch the camera app. The common way to fix iPhone black screen camera issue is to reset the power cycle of the device by pressing the Power (Wake/Sleep) button of the device for a few seconds.

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Press and hold the home button and power button (volume down button and power button for iPhone 7/7 Plus) until the apple logo appears. The iPhone will restart and you can now check the camera is working now or not. Step 4. Reset iPhone settings. Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset All Settings".

Force the app to close, then open the Camera app again. Restart your device, then open the Camera app again. If your device has a front and rear camera, try both cameras by tapping. If you see the closed lens or black screen on only one camera, take your device to an Apple Retail Store or Authorized Service Providerfor more help.

The first thing to try is to reset your smartphone, as it’s possible a software problem is making your camera not work. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time until the phone turns off. Then turn it back on with the power button.

If the iPhone front camera not working (or the back camera), you might be having an outdated iOS. You can simply upgrade it to solve it. Step 1: Go to Settings app and choose General. Step 2: Select Software Update. Step 3: You can see that the latest iOS version is available. All you have to do is to tap on the “Update and Download” option.

Apple support says camera(s) must be changed. can you recommend what parts might be defective. My phone is 7 Plus and cameras sometimes work (most of the times does not. is it possible that the ribbons and the light sensor assembly of the front camera causing the issue and changing that part would fix it or also the rear cameras should be replaced.

When your iPhone 7 camera is not working, you're sometimes dealing with a software problem such as an app crash. If that's the case (we can't be certain if it is yet), then there wouldn't be anything physically wrong with your iPhone 7 camera and you wouldn't have to get any hardware repaired.

iPhone 7plus front facing camera only works &back camera Is a blank black screen? Back camera only works on some media sites such as IG? TRY THIS: open your camera from home screen. At the bottom where it says 1x click on it. it should Now be on 2x and your camera should be working . Problem solved. Let me know below if this helped you?

If the rear iPhone 7 camera black screen occurs, then simply switch to the front camera by tapping on the camera icon. The same can also be done if the front camera of the device is not working. After switching back, chances are that you would be able to resolve this situation. 3. Switch off the Voiceover feature

Solution No.7: Update iOS. The software bug can be the reason why your iPhone rear camera is not working. To get rid this problem, updating the iOS seems to be a great idea. You can check if there is an iOS update, go to Settings >> General >> Software Updates. If there is a new Software update available, iPhone will download the update first.

In this video I will show you how to fix iPhone black camera issue or camera not working not opening in iphone 5 iphone 5s, 6s, 7 plus, 8 or 8 plus. Using a...

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