Why did honda get rid of side camera?

Parker Langosh asked a question: Why did honda get rid of side camera?
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LaneWatch is too expensive for Honda, to be removed in future models. Initially conceived as a better alternative to blind spot monitoring, Honda's ingenious LaneWatch system could be discontinued in the near future.


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📷 Honda backup camera problems?

Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 2, 2014. Over the last month, I have been experiencing sporatic issues, although the frequency is increasing, with my backup camera. The issue is the screen is really dark when in reverse. The side camera still shows up correctly, so it is not the screen.

📷 Honda backup camera not working?

There are a couple of reasons Your camera may have stopped working. The most common cause is a blown fuse… You will need to check each connection to the camera to ensure nothing has come loose, worn, or damaged. Finally, the camera itself may be faulty, and need to be replaced.

📷 Does honda odyssey have backup camera?

The 2010 Honda Odyssey was available in four different configurations -- You may have the LX, the EX, the EX-L, or the top level Touring. A backup camera came standard on the highest trim level -- the Touring -- and was available as an option on EX-L models that were equipped with the navigation package, since this is the technology that Honda used ...

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Honda is discontinuing LaneWatch in favor of blind-spot monitoring. LaneWatch is a camera-based assist that projects a live feed of the vehicle's right-side blind spot on the car's infotainment...

Rather than bolt a potentially expensive blind spot detection system to its new cars, it just made the side view mirror better. The result is the Expanded-View Driver's Mirror, with a convex outer ...

Apparently this 10th generation Civic driver and others have dumped the right side mounted rear view mirror for Honda's Lane Watch blind spot monitor technology.

Having radar sensors monitoring both sides of the car is a much smoother, comprehensive solution. Honda has been putting blindspot monitoring on its redesigned models, and now brass is indicating...

How do you aim a LaneWatch camera? Press the LaneWatch switch button on the end of the turn signal switch to aim the camera. Why did Honda get rid of LaneWatch? For seven long years, Honda insisted LaneWatch was the way to avoid accidents when transitioning lanes. The company also pushed it as a way to parallel park more confidently.

Also, could simply be that most lane change accidents occur when he car is moving to the right due to the decreased visibility. Honda just didn't want to make the car ($200) more expensive or whatever. That's money they can either save or knock down from the MSRP of the car, since the value added is so minimal.

According to Honda, the system “uses a camera positioned below the passenger-side exterior mirror to display a wide-angle view of the passenger side roadway on the intelligent-Multi-Information ...

Nothing wrong with Honda’s forward collision warning. 3. Standard rear camera but no parking sonar. Honda got out ahead of the 2014 mandate that all cars have a rear camera and cockpit display ...

The soon-to-be unveiled 2013 Honda Accord sedan, which will have a standard rear backup camera, will also be the carmaker’s first implementation of LaneWatch, a passenger-side camera that helps ...

Honda says the feature’s field-of-view is four times greater than a typical side-view mirror, though some editors were initially skeptical of its usefulness.

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