Why did famous civil war photographer mathew brady go broke?

Shanie Gutkowski asked a question: Why did famous civil war photographer mathew brady go broke?
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Business Setback. After the Civil War, Brady was faced with mounting debts. In an effort to save his business, he tried to sell his collection of war views. Having risked his fortune on his Civil War enterprise, Brady lost the gamble and fell into bankruptcy.


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📷 How many presidents did mathew brady photograph?

Who are all the presidents that Mathew Brady photographed?

  • Brady photographed 18 of the 19 American Presidents from John Quincy Adams to William McKinley. The exception was the 9th President, William Henry Harrison, who died in office three years before Brady started his photographic collection.

📷 What type of camera did mathew brady use?

Brady's Studio Camera and Tripod 1860s. Mathew B. Brady used this portrait camera in his Washington, D.C., gallery in the early 1860s. The camera and its brass barrel lens and original tripod appear on the photographer's bankruptcy filing in April 1873.

📷 Who was the most famous civil war photographer?

Brady (May 18, 1822 – January 15, 1896) was one of the earliest photographers in American history. Best known for his scenes of the Civil War, he studied under inventor Samuel F. B. Morse, who pioneered the daguerreotype technique in America.

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  • Mathew B. Brady (May 18, 1822 – January 15, 1896) was one of the earliest photographers in American history, best known for his scenes of the Civil War. He studied under inventor Samuel F. B. Morse, who pioneered the daguerreotype technique in America.
What cameras were used during the civil war?

Almost 70 percent of photographs taken during the Civil War were stereoviews, which were essentially 19th century three-dimensional photos. To take a stereoview, a photographer used a twin lens camera with its lenses an eye-width apart to capture the same image from slightly different angles, much as our own eyes do.

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Mathew Brady and his associates, most notably Alexander Gardner, George Barnard, and Timothy O'Sullivan, photographed many battlefields, camps, towns, and people touched by the war. Their images depict the multiple aspects of the war except one crucial element: battle.

Why were paper photos so popular during the civil war?
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