Why are photographers so expensive?

Ned Little asked a question: Why are photographers so expensive?
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Why are photographers so expensive?! photography pricing explained

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A professional photographer not only has to consider the initial investment in purchasing gear, but the cost of taking care of and servicing their equipment over time. This includes, paying to have your gear cleaned, fixing parts that may become broken or even purchasing replacements due to heavy use.

Under US copyright law, photographers own every image that they take. They have the choice to sign over full rights to the client, or to license them for specific uses. The more uses that the images have, and the more eyes that will see them, the higher the cost of licensing because they have more value.

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Why is hiring a photographer so expensive?

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The biggest reason why photography is expensive is because of the value you get from it. On an emotional level, photos are something that you simply cannot replace. Knowledge, Education, Experience. A lot of photographers (myself included) have gone to college for photography and continue their education throughout their career.

Photographers also lose money when people help themselves to their work, which is why we created Pixsy. So then, why exactly is photography so expensive? Here’s what you are really getting when you pay for a professional photographer (and what you miss out on when you don’t). Photography Sessions Are Filled with “Hidden Hours.”

So many factors make photography expensive, but the first of all and surely the most important is that you are paying for the Skills, Knowledge, Education and Experience the photographer possesses. Taking photos is simple; taking great photos is very difficult. The photographer might make it look so.

They price their work according to very concrete costs and charge appropriately so they don’t run their businesses into the ground. They are the photographers who will still be around 5 years from now. They make up about 10% of the photographers who are out there.. which is why it’s sometimes a surprise when you run into one.

Photographers are expensive because they’re running a business. That’s the only reason. All business are intended to make money, surely there’s a million reasons to justify it. Eg. 10 Reasons why Sushi is expensive. 1. Craftsmanship 2. Quality Seaweed 3. Premium Experience 4. Time (To learn how to roll it up) 5.

At the end of the day, photographers are just trying to make a living, just like you. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed, just like you. That’s another reason why I support local businesses too who are doing the same thing! So, why are photographers so expensive?

Photographers are expensive for many reasons. They are business owners and owning a business does not come at a low price. As business owners, photographers must obtain the necessary licenses that are purchased and renewed once a year. The most important thing that a photographer could do is to get their name out there and doing so can be costly.

The thorn in EVERY photographer's side, "why are you SO expensive??" Well the truth is, we are not!Let me start by telling you a story; One day Leonardo Divinci

Photography pricing is complicated and clients always want to know why it costs so much. Well, we do a lot! Watch this video to explain everything photograph...

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Reacting to your assumptions misconceptions about photographers