Who is julia margaret cameron known for photography?

Murray Reinger asked a question: Who is julia margaret cameron known for photography?
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Julia Margaret Cameron, original name Julia Margaret Pattle, (born June 11, 1815, Calcutta, India—died January 26, 1879, Kalutara, Ceylon [now Sri Lanka]), British photographer who is considered one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 19th century.


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📷 How did julia margaret cameron change photography?

In the summer of 1865, Cameron began using a larger camera, which held a 15 x 12 inch glass negative. She used her new camera to begin a series of large-scale, close-up portraits, which she saw as a rejection of conventional photography in favour of a less precise but more emotionally compelling kind of portraiture.

📷 Where did julia margaret cameron take her photos?

One of the most important and innovative photographers of the 19th century, Julia Margaret Cameron had close links to the South Kensington Museum (now the V&A) throughout her career – her first museum exhibition in 1865 was held here and was home to her portrait studio in 1868.

📷 Who are the photographers of julia margaret cameron?

  • Photographers Duane Michals and Francesca Woodman inherit Cameron's use of soft focus, shadow, and the trace as devices to highlight the more magical and ethereal aspects of human existence.

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