Where do you find the photograph on poptropica?

Janessa Conroy asked a question: Where do you find the photograph on poptropica?
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  • Photo 001 - At the end of the island,when you get your medallion.
  • Photo 002 - When you return the pig to its pen.
  • Photo 003 - When you find the jet pack up in the clouds.
  • Photo 004 - After you give the Golden Egg to the Giant and he lets you pass.
  • Photo 005 - When you find the Golden Egg in the dark maze underground.

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Time Tangled IslandYou are not looking for a "photograph" but a "phonograph" (an old-time record player built by Thomas Edison). Go to the Greek time, 328 BC (1 o'clock on the time device) and climb the winged statue just to the right of the building -- the phonograph is on the roof.Big Nate islandThe old photograph is blowing in the air just to the left side of the lighthouse at Puffin Point. Grab it and take it to the Say Cheese photo shop.

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