What is the viewing angle of cctv camera?

Millie Towne asked a question: What is the viewing angle of cctv camera?
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The Different Viewing Angles For Your Camera

Standard/Medium: Lenses covering a viewing angle of 60 to 25 degrees, representing an effective focal length of 25mm to about 65mm. Telephoto: Lenses which cover a viewing angle of 25 to 10 degrees, which corresponds to a focal length of 65mm to 160mm.

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The average viewing angle of most security cameras is between 45 – 115 degrees with indoor cameras coming in on the lower end of the range. Blink XT has a viewing angle of 130 degrees. This range is for a security camera in a fixed position, and doesn’t factor in the entire range of a camera that has pan, tilt, and zoom.

Angle of Coverage of CCTV Camera and IP Camera Given the condition that the lense of a CCTV camera is the same, the bigger the image sensor is, the wider the Angle of... Given the condition that the size of the image sensor is the same, the higher the number of focal length of the lens,...

RAID level comparison. CCTV Calculator for Android. All calculations and tools from CCTV Calculator are available as native mobile applications for Android smartphones. Download. Viewing angle. image sensor size: 1/4"1/3.6"1/3.2"1/3"1/2.7"1/2.7" native 16:91/2.5"1/2.3"1/2"1/1.8"1/1.7"2/3"1"4/3". lens focal length (mm):

In general, modern security CCTV cameras cover diagonal angles from 60 to 170 degrees, 120–130° average, and usually no less than 90°. Some have narrower and zoom lenses, though. Angles are dictated more by surveillance needs rather than aesthetic...

It is degrees of a circle. If you look at the picture of the circle you will see that the dark blue section could be stated as 43.6 degrees field of view or angle of view. The full circle is 360 degrees. When we are talking about CCTV Field of View for security cameras we are looking for a linear field of view.

Field of View Explained: Getting the Right Angle. Before setting up a security camera, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with a few key points to ensure that you are getting the best angle for the most complete footage. Depending on the landscape you want to monitor, the type of lens you choose, and the angle of view you set up will make all difference.

CCTV Lens Guide. This lens calculator displays the viewing angle and the focal distance for CCTV lenses.The lens calculator is a basic guide and can be used when using any CCD sizes, such as 1/4 inch, 1/3 inch which are the typical CCD sizes used in the CCTV industry.

For that Hikvision DS-2CD2622FWD-I (Z) (S) camera the manufacturer specified the angle range from 35 to 106 degrees. The only way to calculate the horizontal angle or field of view is to use manufacturer’s data and therefore tools with database of camera models, like IP Video System Design Tool show the correct result:

If you’re looking for a wider field of view, then 180° or 360° panoramic cameras are available. These models are ideal to provide an overview of your location. Please note with ultra-wide cameras there’s often some warping of the image.

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