What is pi camera resolution?

Chandler Adams asked a question: What is pi camera resolution?
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The sensor itself has a native resolution of 5 megapixel, and has a fixed focus lens onboard. In terms of still images, the camera is capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images, and also supports 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps and 640x480p 60/90 video recording.

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All Raspberry Pi cameras are capable of taking high-resolution photographs, along with full HD 1080p video, and can be fully controlled programmatically. This documentation describes how to use the camera in various scenarios, and how to use the various software tools.

The maximum resolution of the V2 camera can cause issues with previews. Currently, picamera runs previews at the same resolution as captures (equivalent to -fp in raspistill). You may need to increase gpu_mem in /boot/config.txt to achieve full resolution operation with the V2 camera module. The maximum framerate of the camera depends on ...

The Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera’s maximum resolution is 4056 x 3040 pixels (5K) and this produces an image of around 6MB in size.

In digital photography, camera resolution is associated with a number of different factors: Print Size – usually the most important factor. Basically, the more resolution, the larger the potential print size. Printing from digital images is accomplished by squeezing a certain number of Pixels Per Inch (PPI).

If you set the resolution to 1024x768 (a 4:3 aspect ratio), and framerate to anything less than 42fps, the 1296x976 mode will be selected, and the camera will downscale the result to 1024x768. If you set the resolution to 1280x720 (a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio), and framerate to anything less than 49fps, the 1296x730 mode will be selected and downscaled appropriately.

The camera consists of a small (25mm by 20mm by 9mm) circuit board, which connects to the Raspberry Pi's Camera Serial Interface (CSI) bus connector via a flexible ribbon cable. The camera's image sensor has a native resolution of five megapixels and has a fixed focus lens.

The camera resolution determines the width and height of the captured image. Multiplying these values indicates the total number of pixels (abbreviated as “px”). One million pixels are equal to one megapixel which is abbreviated as MP (sometimes as Mpix, Mpx, or MPixel).

So, yes, lowering the camera resolution may solve the problem. You do not say what programming language you are using. In python you can change the resolution like this: import cv2 cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) cap.set(3, 640) # Set horizontal resolution cap.set(4, 480) # Set vertical resolution _, img = cap.read() cv2.imwrite("lower_res.jpeg", img)

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