What is documentary family photography?

Robin Trantow asked a question: What is documentary family photography?
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Family documentary photography is a style of family photography focused on authentically telling the story of your family in everyday life. At your documentary family session, I will spend 6 to 12 hours with your family capturing the unposed, meaningful, messy, and hilarious moments in everyday locations.

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Tell Families’ Stories. Documentary family photography is going to tell your family’s story in a way that a portrait session will never be able to. That’s what makes …

What Is Documentary Family Photography? Documentary family photography has a photojournalism style with a focus on storytelling. The results are images that depict …

So, what is documentary family photography? In this case, the objective is to record a family’s life, habits, routines, and behaviors as if there were no cameras. The …

What is documentary family photography? The goal of a family photographer specialising in documentary is to offer you slices of real life – who you are, what you …

Documentary family photography is visual storytelling of a segment of real life through photographs. I call this approach “storytelling photography.” I will send out a …

Documentary photography is not just catching an in-between moment or when a photo looks messy & unposed. The approach has to be documentary from the start. The family …

Documentary family photography is about capturing your family just as they are, in real moments. It’s there to document your first day as a mother and father.

What is it about NOW that you want to document for your family? Why Documentary Family Photography (family photojournalism) is an important investment for your family.

Documentary family photography has become more and more popular especially in US during the recent years. In Finland it's still quite unkown. What is it all about?

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