What are camera straps called?

Travis Mills asked a question: What are camera straps called?
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A camera strap can be called a sling or carrier. But for the most part, they're just identified by the type of straps such as neck strap, shoulder strap, wrist strap, and harness.

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This may seem like an odd question but I don't know the name of the things that the strap threads through. I know the "clips" for lack of better word hang from the eyelets as per the D300 manual but I am trying to order some additional "hangers" but I can't find them online because I don't know what they are called.

Much like the other Peak Design products, the Slide is a hugely popular DSLR camera strap which Peak has called, “the most versatile pro camera strap in the world”.. For mirrorless camera shooters, there’s also the Slide Lite – a slimmed-down version of the same crossbody camera strap, which is also suitable for lightweight entry-level DSLRs such as the Nikon D3400.

A camera strap is an important piece of equipment that a lot of people pay little attention to. We subconsciously rely on it to hold our camera securely whenever we're hands-off. It dangles precariously from our shoulder or it's yolked around our neck. A camera strap is a lot like a car's seatbelt, many times it's the only thing that saves you from a crash. Stock Straps

For lighter cameras, if you prefer a strap this tough and grippy, UPstrap makes a smaller model for lighter rangefinder cameras, called the UPstrap RF. It's the same thing, with a smaller pad. Weaknesses: 1.) It's a tough strap. It's not a lot of fun trying to break free of the grippy pad as you pull the camera to your eye. 2.) It's a tough strap.

The best camera straps are so much better than the ones that come free with your camera. While you might be wondering why it's worth spending money on a strap when you likely already have something serviceable, the truth is that a better camera strap is well worth the money you'll spend on it.

Do you use a tripod? Many of the “glide straps” use the tripod socket of the camera as a connection point. Is this an issue because you always keep a tripod plate on your camera, or don’t feel comfortable with your camera being held by a single connection? There are many solutions to address these concerns if they arise. How do you want to wear it? Do you want to wear your strap around your neck, on your hip, on your chest, or across your body?

Start by threading the loose end of the strap through the attachment point found on the camera. It usually is a metal triangular or flat loop, based on the camera you are using. Step 3: Now, you have to thread the loose end of the strap through the fastening collar that is attached to the strap itself.

Tape is easier to use. You don't have to first remove and store the eye cup, or put up with a dangling strap that tends to pull the viewfinder cover off the viewfinder. Also, it can't be misplaced since it's stuck to the camera. An inch, not a roll, is all you need. Of course the best solution is a built-in finger-operated shutter.

15. Lady Camera Bag. The Lady Camera Bag is a version of the camera bag that’s designed to be compact enough to fit a handheld camera. It was created for style conscious ladies who wanted a more chic way of carrying around their camera. Pictured: Striped Textured Camera Bag by Off-White

Horizontal compression straps are much easier to use. Shoulder Straps Loops. Many people like to festoon their shoulder straps with extra pockets for storing a camera, a GPS, Satellite Messenger, water or snack bottles, or even a map case. But many backpacks lack good attachment points on the shoulder harness to do so.

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