Should i tip my photographer?

Russell Jacobi asked a question: Should i tip my photographer?
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Are You Supposed to Tip Photographers? There is no simple guideline for tipping etiquette for photographers… In general, if you feel that a photographer has gone above and beyond during your photoshoot, then you are more than welcome to tip. However, this is not standard practice.

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In general, you do not need to tip a portrait photographer if they are a novice, work in a department store, or are a part of a professional photography studio. However, if you are hiring an independent photographer to capture the perfect portraits of you and your family, you are often expected to leave a small tip.

Tipping is dependant on the amount of work you are generating for the photographer. If it’s a family with younger children, consider tipping. If you’re hiring a photographer for a family reunion shoot, you should absolutely tip, as it can be extremely difficult to pose that many people together to look great all at once.

Tipping each of these additional team members is appropriate when they provide added value. How Much to Tip For your photographer, a 10 percent tip on their rate is a good measure, or a tip of at least $100. For second shooters and photography assistants, a $50 to $75 tip per person is an appropriate and nice gesture.

Photographers, Videographers, Florists, and Wedding Coordinators. For people who own their own businesses, as many of these vendors do, tipping isn’t necessary… For photographers, videographers, and florists who do not own their own businesses, tip $30 to $50; wedding coordinators should be given about $50 to $100.

Photographer and Videographer: Tip Recommended (if pro is part of a larger company) If a photographer or videographer owns their business, no tip is necessary. If that’s not the case and your photographer or videographer works for a larger company, tipping these wedding vendors $100 to $200 is a nice gesture.

As much as I wish I had an exact dollar amount to the answer "how much should I tip my wedding photographer?"… it depends on so many things. I can't really tell you exactly how much to give. If you and I and my father all went out for dinner (in some odd universe), it is likely we would each tip a different amount on the bill.

Who, When, and How To Tip. Guidelines vary quite a bit, especially on who exactly should be tipped. Some expert sources will tell you to tip almost everyone, and others think tipping is completely optional. I did some research and put together a guideline that fits the most popular ideas of etiquette on the topic. Wedding Planner. Optional.

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