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Biography. Stone first traveled to Vietnam in 1965. Before arriving he bought a Nikon, his first camera, in Hong Kong.After arriving in Saigon he met Henri Huet who showed him how to load film into the camera. He became friends with fellow photographers and journalists including Sean Flynn, Tim Page, Henri Huet, John Steinbeck IV, Perry Deane Young, Nik Wheeler, Chas Gerretsen, and others.

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As the first staff photographer for Rolling Stone magazine in the 1960s, he captured some of the most enduring faces of the era in their prime: Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Grateful Dead and Steve Miller, among others. On Oct. 4, Wolman posted a grim message on social media saying that in 2019 he was diagnosed with ALS — the terminal motor-neuron illness better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease — and was nearing the end of his life. “Sad ...

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I'm here to show you how to get started and live your dream as a concert photographer. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

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Sasha Stone, born Aleksander Steinsapir (December 19, 1895 – August 6, 1940) was a Russian artist.A stateless photographer, he and his first wife, Cami Stone (born Wilhelmine Schammelhout 1892-1975), were successful photographers during the 1920s and 1930s. One of his most known work is the cover of Walter Benjamin's book Einbahnstraße (One-Way Street) published in 1928.

Sasha Stone (1895-1940) was born Aleksander Serge Steinsapir in St. Petersburg, Russia, of Jewish parents. He lived and worked in Europe and America between the wars and is best known for his portraits, nude studies, photographs of Berlin and for his photojournalism.

Sasha Stone was born Aleksander Serge Steinsapir in St. Petersburg, Russia, on December 16, 1895, though his life and career are rarely associated with that country. Before he turned thirty, Stone had traveled extensively, living in Warsaw, New York, Paris, and England, where he was stationed as a member of the United States army.Stone began photographing as a hobby prior to settling in Berlin ...

Sasha Stone. a Berlin photographer from Russia (and New York) Sasha Stone, born Aleksander Steinsapir in Saint Petersburg, Russia (1895 – 1940) was a successful photographer, working closely with his Belgian wife, Cami Stone (born Wilhelmine Schammelhout), a photographer too.

Photography. by Sasha Stone. Sasha Stone Home; All Photos; Cannes; Kids; Celebrities; Self; Telluride; animals; Playful Birds Shimmer Motorcycle In a Hurry Selfie Sunday Drive Long Legs Dude Lost Angeles. Older. thumbs-portfolio by Pixel Tribe…

Sasha Stone was born Aleksander Serge Steinsapir in St. Petersburg in 1895 of Jewish parents. In Germany, where Stone became a photographer, he belonged to the circle around the important artistic periodical "G". He lived and worked in Europe and America between the wars and is best known for his portraits, nude studies, photographs of Berlin and for his photojournalism.

Sasha Stone (Russian, 1895-1940) was born Alexander Serge Steinsapir and trained as an electrical engineer in Warsaw. Stone emigrated to the US in 1913, where he founded a studio for wrought-iron craftsmanship. He returned to Europe during World War I as a flying instructor for the US Army Air Service.

Sasha Stone , Nude, 1930th , Vintage gelatin silver print on cardboard strength paper. 11.3 x 15.4 in. , Lot 228 / Estimate € 7.000 – 7.500,- Auction: Auction 887 Photography … (3)

Sasha Stone (born March 11, 1965) is an American film blogger based in Los Angeles.She is the founder and editor of the film/awards discussion website Awards Daily (formerly known as Oscarwatch). Biography. Sasha Stone grew up in Topanga and Ojai, California, and went to Nordhoff High School. She studied film at New York University and Columbia University, and eventually graduated from the ...

Media in category "Sasha Stone". The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. Adolf Behne & Sasha Stone - Berlin in Bildern, 1929.jpg 939 × 1,326; 451 KB. Albert Steinrück by Sasha Stone.jpg 500 × 669; 142 KB. Alfred Döblin - Im Buch - Zu Haus - Auf der Straße.

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