Photo stuck to glass?

Nathanael Walker asked a question: Photo stuck to glass?
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The Hair Dryer – With your hair dryer on its lowest heat setting (not cold), blow warm air across the back of the print. Keep the dryer about 4–5 inches from the photo. Slowly and gently pull back a tiny corner of the unstuck photo. Continue the process until the entire photo is free from the glass.

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Humidity is usually the main reason why pictures stick to glass. If the picture is placed in a frame that has no space between the glass and the picture (even a bit), this causes the picture to stick. This is especially common with glossy images.

Trapped moisture can be devastating to the photograph and make figuring out how to remove a photo stuck to the glass a real pain. The best way to protect your photos from sticking to glass is to make sure you digitize them prior to putting them in a picture frame. This way when a photo gets stuck to the glass – it doesn’t matter.

Moisture getting into the frame is usually the cause of photographs sticking to glass. The emulsion coating of the photo reacts to humidity or condensation and becomes sticky. This could happen in a room that’s regularly humid like a bathroom, or where a room gets hot in the sunlight.

These are unconfirmed methods but are the two other main methods I found online for removing that photo stuck to the glass. WATER – Soak the photo and glass in water, preferably warm water for a color photo. Mike, a Senior Member of the forum writes, “Done a bunch of this!

How a Photo Gets Stuck to the Glass The most common culprit that causes a photo to stick to glass is moisture and humidity. Add a bit of heat, and you’ve got a recipe for photo disaster. Professionally printed photographs (not those that are printed on your laser or ink-jet printer at home) are covered in an emulsion coating.

A neighbor has an old photo stuck to glass and was wondering what she might do to remove the glass from the photo. I know you did a blog post about removing photos from old sticky albums. Do you have any advice regarding photos and glass? I poked around on to see if there was any info regarding this topic. One website talked about heating the glass, microwaving the glass/photo unit, or ...

If the photo hasn't been stuck to the glass for very long, it may separate with water after several hours. If that doesn't work, add the rinsing fluid -- you may have to leave the photo immersed in it for several days. If it separates, take it out and hang it to dry; don't dry it with a hair dryer.

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A group of antique photo become as one due to water damage happened to the collection, these photos were heavily glued together with the effect of PVA residu...

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