Is there such a thing as an activist photographer?

Matilda Reynolds asked a question: Is there such a thing as an activist photographer?
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The idea of the photographer as activist is an appealing one. It means that photographs really matter, that they can lead to changes in representation, attitudes and policy… There is an understanding that to be an activist is a long-term commitment in which your life might be at risk.

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In the 90s, people like the Asian-American photographer Corky Lee and LGBTQ activist Carolina Kroon embarked on a quest to make their causes and communities more visible in the American media and ...

Activist and photographer ... In addition to your work as a photographer, you are an activist. There was ... I try to let people know what I do so that they may not feel that is such a bad thing ...

OK: What is your favorite thing about working around and with such creative people? JA: How my perspective is constantly expanding which in turn makes me really able to see the world, and at the same time there is such a deep understanding between artists. Again, the reality of our corporate-commercial conglomerate was always foreign to me.

According to Webster, it is “a person or thing that acts, happens, or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result; the producer of an effect.”

“As an artist, I use photography as a medium to express my artistic vision.” In the 3-minute video above, by COOPH , Ballen offers 7 thoughts to help you become both a photographer and an artist.

Artistic photography follows the beauty is in the eye of the beholder ethos. There is nothing inherently immoral about it. Photography that is meant to make a political statement or journal actual events is held to a much different standard. Take this example: The depiction is of an actual event, the right person attacking the left.

Civil rights photographer: I was looking at fear, oppression, and change. Bruce Davidson is a Magnum photographer and a revered master of social documentary photography. The images he took both ...

Heryte Tefery Tequame is a Harlem-based photographer, editor, and cultural producer. She dreams up digital ecosystems centered on contemporary art practices, in-flux archives, and infinite content. As an American, French, and Ethiopian woman whose existence is nestled in overlapping histories, her practice emphasizes a multilocal and multi-layered approach to Black and diasporic existence.

What is a Photographer? Photographers tell stories through images that they capture through their cameras, and express their personalities and viewpoints through their art. There are a variety of photography niches that photographers can showcase their artistic ability with, such as fashion, studio work, travel, journalism, or nature.

Xueying Chang is a Chinese photographer based in Washingon, D.C. and a visuals editor at NPR. Follow her on Instagram at meltingsywe . Janet W. Lee contributed to this story and she is a podcast ...

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