Is the camera or the lens more important?

Fern Hessel asked a question: Is the camera or the lens more important?
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A better lens vs better camera, which is more important?

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Camera lenses are more important than the camera they're attached to, at least in most situations. An entry level DSLR with a great lens will take great photos while a $10,000 professional camera with a terrible lens will take terrible pictures.

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Some kits even come bundled with more than one lens. Indeed, regardless of how many of each someone may start with, they will generally end up with more lenses than cameras once they start adding to their gear. So does this mean the camera is more important? After all, if you have three or more lenses but only a single camera, that camera will get used for every image while each lens will, on average, only get used for a third of all images taken.

Heeeelloo everybody and welcome to this new video! In this one I am giving you an explanation on which is more important and has a greater effect on your ima...

Short answer - the lens. To elaborate a bit, camera body is quite important, as it affects image quality and autofocus precision/speed, plus a bunch of other factors, but…. The lens is more important due to its effect on the perspective, depth of field (how much is in focus from near to far), and bokeh.

Better Lenses are more important as a rule. But, about every 5-6 years, the low-light, low-noise, better color, better dynamic range, of the bodies improves so much, at the end of that 5-6 year mark, it "might be" better to get a new body, instead of a new Lens.

Lens speed impacts low light performance, but so does the sensor size and the ISO capabilities of the camera body. One could argue the lens is more important in defining the shot since it defines the focal length and depth of field, but the body is responsible for instructing the lens how to focus (if using AF) and making the exposure determinations as well as being capable of capturing the image.

Hmm… interesting article, but have to strongly disagree. I would say lens, lighting, then camera body in that order. Good lens and equipment will last far longer than obsoleted camera bodies. Though 90% of my shots are artistic/portraiture. Depends on what you shoot I guess. It looks like you take a lot of outdoor shots, mine are mostly home studio.

The lens will make the biggest impact on the final outcome of an image. In regards to the artistic look of a shot, the lens will be in far more control than the camera body. This is because aperture, focal length (the perspective achieved due to the focal length ), and sharpness are all dictated by the lens.

Because most of us can’t afford the very best of both in the beginning, we usually have to make a choice between spending more money on better lenses or more money on a better camera body. So what’s the best option? Well, the short answer is it’s usually better to spend more money on higher-quality lenses than a higher-quality body.

The big deal is everything. Yes, added noise reduction in the camera’s sensor and the ability for the camera to process photos at higher resolutions with insane ISOs is important, but the quality of the final image produced by your cameras sensor is a direct result of your camera lenses.

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