Is photo stick any good?

Kody Fritsch asked a question: Is photo stick any good?
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There is a money back guarantee there to protect you, and the Photo Stick is considered a reliable product. You can read a Photostick review to find out what people are saying about it and to determine if it might be a good purchase. There isn't any scam to worry about, though, with this product.

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The Photo Stick is easy to use because it automatically scans for different file types. It also has software that can find lost images hidden in folders that you aren’t aware are on your computer. Our review of The Photo Stick review looks at why this gadget is so helpful and why it may or may not be the best solution for you.

The main decision lies in whether to buy a Photo Stick or a flash drive. The main reason consumers go with the Photo Stick over a flash drive is the Photo Stick’s ease of use and time saving...

The PhotoStick is good and it works but it should be compared to other devices to determine its overall usefulness to you. If you are not a big picture taker, a simple USB device that is way cheaper may just do the trick. However, if you take tons of photos, then the PhotoStick may be the perfect tool that you need to back up your precious moments.

It started to download photos, then it just stopped. Computer said there was a problem with the photo stick, so I clicked to scan and fix. Tried again started working then stopped again, and said there was a problem, ran scan and fix again then couldn’t use it at all, got a message “can’t run this app on your pc” check app publisher for correct version.

The Photo Stick is a lot more convenient and user friendly, though, and it is made with the general public in mind. This is a flash drive that anyone can use, because simplicity is a key part of its design.

The photo stick has the technology of plug-and-play, meaning that all you need to do is plug it into your computer and hit the button when prompted. No other method of backup is that easy. Since the minimum capacity will accommodate up to 60,000 images, a Photo Stick is preferable to disk storage.

The Photo Stick is a great photo backup because there’s no monthly fee, no additional software to install, and no other hardware needed. All you need is this gadget to back up everything. You won’t even need to sort them out yourself, because it does that for you.

A: Short answer is NO! Photo Stick is loved by many people for its easy use. The device is equipped with built-in software for PCs, so you don’t need any additional software for it to work. Through, for PhotoStick mobile, you need to install Photo Stick application on your phone to work with it. Don’t worry!

It seems to mostly be a product for people that have run out of space for their photos on their phones and refuse to use iCloud (or similar cloud service) to solve the problem. And I also see a problem where you are placing all of your photos in one place which can be easily lost or suffer a hardware failure.

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