Is it bad to leave lens attached to camera?

Luther Crist asked a question: Is it bad to leave lens attached to camera?
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Yes. Keeping your default lens on the camera will reduce the amount of dust getting into the works and is more convenient.

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Keeping the lens on is usually fine, unless your luggage will be subjected to unusually rough treatment, in which case separating the camera body / lens and carefully padding each would be preferable. For transporting multiple lenses, flash etc. a purpose built camera bag is the clear choice. These come in backpack and case forms.

A lens attached to the body will keep your camera sensor and mirror (as well as the lens rear element) protected from dust, same thing a plastic cap would do. Maybe a heavy lens -like a large telezoom- could inflict unnecessary stress on the camera lens mount if stored in an improperly manner, but apart from that case, I see no other practical reasons.

wondering whether to leave the lens attached while it is being stored away for a while. I am trying to minimise lens changes etc to protect against dust, but I have heard that leaving a lens on all the time is bad because it can , ...

If it DOES fit well in your camera bag with the lens on then the answer is "yes", but only because it makes sense to keep the lens on, not because there's any thing wrong with taking it off and storing it separately.

I always leave whatever lens attached to my camera. Some will argue that constantly taking your lens on/off will allow more dust to get into the lens/body. Others will say it's "better" to take the lens off the body whenever in transit/storage so to avoid any accidental bumps/drops which may cause damage to the items.

I tried searching this but not much luck. Just wondering if leaving the back and a lens attached to a tech camera is a viable option. In looking at it, as long as the bag it is being stored in is appropriately padded seems like it wouldn't really put any stress on anything, and would certainly...

impartial cannon: Is there any cons for both actions?

Once you decide you want to take pictures, you must accept some non-zero risk of damage to your camera. Camera in bag with lens facing up: - Harder/slower to remove camera from bag. - If bag hits ground, you must ship the

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You only need to carry a very small amount of camera gear such as a single camera and lens, amongst a larger amount of non photographic gear. For example when backpacking for multiple days, and the majority of your bag is filled with camping gear, or when flying away for a quick city break with carry-on luggage only , where your bag is mostly clothes and toiletries.

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