Is 2mp camera good for cctv?

Junius Greenholt asked a question: Is 2mp camera good for cctv?
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Generally speaking, the 2MP CCTV camera is enough for general purpose monitoring of the front door, backyard, or indoors, as I put it before. And the 4MP or 5MP cameras have more advantages in capturing the details at a distance.

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And that's because 2MP CCTV cameras are still good for car plate and face recognition (in certain distance range) and they are much more bandwidth friendly and affordable than 4K cameras today. But how far exactly could the 2MP CCTV camera kit record in order to read the license plate or label on the box? How about those 2MP HD CCTV cameras with zoom?

In CCTV the maximum frame rate available per device is typically 30fps and that is considered ‘real time’. But anything over 15 fps is going to look pretty good. Some devices will list different resolutions at different frame rates. So for example, an IP camera might document its resolution as “3MP at 20fps” or “2MP at 30fps”.

It is all fine and well placing this 4x 2MP camera in one position and covering a large area – but you have to place your head on the side to look at the images correctly on the left and the right. So you now need to ensure your software processing this image is turning its “head” on the side to correctly identify.

Like 2MP and its 1080p video, the HD video of a 4MP resolution camera has a 16:9 aspect ratio (rectangular widescreen) that’s perfect for HDTVs versus the 4:3 aspect ratio of old-timey VHS tape cameras (more square-shaped to fit into CRT TVs).

The chart below gives you a better idea how these resolutions work on a CCTV system: 720P (1MP), 1080p(2MP), 4MP, 4K (8MP). It is important to note that 4K capture requires increased processing power and storage on a security camera recorder to encode and store video.

Many argue that 2MP is plenty enough for an indoor residential application, but manufacturers like Hikvision or Dahua now offer very attractively priced 4MP cameras for the same price as most other 2MP models from other manufacturers, if not cheaper, with higher specs. They've been very popular as a result, especially for residential applications, and it's what we'd recommend.

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What is bitrate of CCTV camera (best explanation) March 8, 2018. IP cameras One Comment. Bitrate for CCTV is very important for IP cameras that must provide quality without sacrificing bandwidth usage. The balance between frames per second (FPS), resolution and image compression impact affects the bit rate.

1080p (2MP) vs. 3MP vs. 4MP vs. 5MP Security Cameras. Some of you might be using the analog cameras or the 1080p ones and consider for an upgrade. Or you may simply want a high definition camera to record things clearly and think about the trendy 5MP CCTV cameras. Is the 5MP security camera worth your investment? The answer is an absolute YES.

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