How to photograph the space station crossing the moon?

Jaquelin Bode asked a question: How to photograph the space station crossing the moon?
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To photograph the ISS, you'll need to capture a sequence of images - typically 8 to 20 seconds each depending on the focal length - which can be combined later to become a single streak of light. It's a similar process to photographing star trails.


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You'll only really need to use higher ISO levels for extreme crescent moons and handheld photography, so using the base ISO of your camera may be enough for most of your shots. As for your shutter speed, just make sure it's at least 1/125 seconds (for ISO 100) to freeze the movement of the moon.

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  • To get a great shot of the moon when the sky is black, set your camera’s ISO to its lowest setting, usually 64 or 100 and set your camera’s resolution (picture size) to its highest setting.

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It takes about four minutes to cross the sky, although depending on exactly when you see it, the ISS can fade quickly. Because of this, taking a photograph of the ISS requires patience and careful planning down to the second. The next time it flies over your location may be a few weeks away, or it may be tonight.

The photo above was made by superimposing 13 separate images of the ISS passing in front of the Moon into one. Once the team knew when the pass would happen, they used a digital camera to fire a ...

Read more: How and when to photograph the moon If you see the ISS just after sunset (or just before sunrise), it will likely remain blazingly bright right across the sky. If you see it again 90 minutes later on its second pass, the sun will have sunk further, and its rays will only catch the solar panels until the ISS is perhaps third of the ...

One such photographer is Andrew McCarthy, based in Sacramento, California. Two days ago, at 2.44 am PST, he was recording a video using his telescope and camera of the International Space Station (ISS) crossing the moon when he noticed something odd. McCarthy planned to capture the ISS crossing the moon, but the images he recorded, startled him.

A crop of the photo showing a closer view of the ISS flying across the face of the Moon. The camera and lens were mounted on an equatorial mount (which in turn was on top of a tripod).

The most challenging photo I have ever taken was the International Space Station (ISS) transiting the Moon. I failed four times before catching it on the fifth attempt. Once I successfully captured this photo, I took it to the Sun. This article is about what it takes to capture this photo.

Photographing the International Space Station from Your Own Backyard. 01.06.12. Multiple images of the International Space Station flying over the Houston area have been combined into one composite image to show the progress of the station as it crossed the face of the moon in the early evening of Jan. 4. Photo credit: NASA.

Space Station Crosses Moon's Face in Stunning New Photo… An amazing new photograph shows the International Space Station (ISS) crossing in front of the bright and seemingly enormous moon.

Incredible images show the space station crossing the MOON. Photographer Andy Smith snapped these incredible shots yesterday; He was trying to get a photo of the so-called 'blood moon' from England

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