How to make a tripod stand for camera?

Wilhelm Little asked a question: How to make a tripod stand for camera?
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How can I stabilize my phone with a tripod?

  • Using the scissors, cut out the wedge will introduce the actual holding sides. Adding some solid weight like rock or sand should stabilize the ground against thrust. Now resting the iPhone or Android phone will perform its task. 2. Easy DIY Phone Tripod Make one simple tripod out of common materials to hold a smartphone or smaller camera.

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How To Make A Tripod For Phone | Camera | Easy DIY - YouTube. How To Make A Tripod For Phone | Camera | Easy DIY. Watch later.

Learn how to make a camera support, that has the same function of a tripod! About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new ...

Make one simple tripod out of common materials to hold a smartphone or smaller camera. The video tutorial shows you one simple, easy, affordable method. You just need a supporting 18cm PVC pipe to hold an ordinary bottle cap. Apart from duct & seal tape, it requires a machine bolt for making the connections.

Cut three 8 cm long metal and three 3 cm long pieces. The width is about 1.2 cm to make it a bit firmer and to look better but cut what ever width you like :) Bend longer pieces in to U shape to make leg clamps and drill holes as shown on photos (also it is necessary to drill a hole in the leg, all holes are 5 mm).

Step 2: Made Hole on the Sticks of These Tripod. At first, remove all parts of antenna And Clean all the parts by sandpapers. Take the 3 pieces sticks ( 4 foot long x 1 inch antenna aluminum sticks) and made 2 holes on each aluminum stand on the upper part by the drill machine. First hole one inches from the upper parts and other one is nine ...

Step 2: Pick up one of your pieces of wire and wrap one end with electrical tape. Go around 5-10 times (to prevent it from coming undone at the end) and then, without cutting your tape, start moving up and wrapping the rest of your wire. Stop before your ‘U’ section. Repeat this with the other two wires.

Once everything was assembled, he polished the legs to make them shiny, and then applied black paint to certain areas to make the tripod look nicer:

So basically all I had to do was cut a piece of wood at the proper angle. I measured the tripod's mount first to get the dimensions of the triangle at the sides, then because although I still have SohCahToa stuck in my head I don't like to think so I just plugged in the two measurements and a 90 degree angle into the triangle calculator. I got around 63°.

To make it a little simpler, I might use a super clamp on the end of the bar. My Manfrotto tripod and clamp use the same adapter plates, so all I have to do is snap the camera on one or the other...

Screw the tripod head into the camera screw. 16 Test out your new camera copy stand. To use the copy stand, just move the acrylic pipe to the desired height and screw in the bolt.

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