How to import photos from dropbox?

Birdie Shanahan asked a question: How to import photos from dropbox?
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Go through the folders in the Dropbox tab to find your photos. When you've selected all the images you want to move, right-click on the images and choose “copy to.” Select “copy to” to move photos from Dropbox to your Google account.

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How do I transfer photos from dropbox to my computer. One way that you can do this is to directly download from the website: Sign in via the website. Click on the Files tab. Hover over the file you’d like to download and tick the box that appears on the left-hand side of it.

How to upload photos and videos. If you don't have camera uploads enabled, you can manually add photos to your Dropbox account. To do so: Open the Dropbox mobile app. Open the Dropbox folder where you'd like to store your photos. Tap the "+" (plus sign) at the bottom of your screen. Choose Upload Photos. Tap the photos you would like to upload.

A window will pop up; click Settings (gear icon) on its top right and choose Preferences. Dropbox Preferences. In Dropbox Preferences window, go to Sync tab. Click Selective Sync button to find the files you want to transfer to your computer. Dropbox Preferences Selective Sync.

If you want to send photos, HD videos, or other files to anyone, all you need to do is create a shared link from, or from our desktop or mobile apps. Anyone with the shared link can access and download the photos you’ve chosen, and then save them to their own mobile device or computer.

Go to Envira Gallery » Settings » Dropbox and paste the code. Once done, click on the Save Settings button. Importing Dropbox Photos to Image Galleries. After this process, you can go ahead and edit your image gallery where you want to add the photos from your Dropbox account. You need to hit the Click Here to Insert from Other Image Sources button.

Select “copy to” to move photos from Dropbox to your Google account. Select a folder in Google Photos In the “copy to” window, click on the arrow next to Google Photos, select the “photos” folder...

Automatic photo transfer app Using the Dropbox mobile app, you can easily transfer photos between Apple and Android devices, or seamlessly transfer them to your desktop or tablet. You can also safeguard your photos by saving them to the cloud, or even share them with your family and friends.

Go back to your DropBox > right click at one of the photos > click Download > at the bottom > click the pointer next to Save > click Save As > navigate to the Pictures folder > click the folder > at the bottom, click Save.

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