How much should a product photographer charge?

Retta Keeling asked a question: How much should a product photographer charge?
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There are four ways you can pay for product photography: by the hour, day, image, or product. If you pay by the hour, expect the service to cost anywhere from $25 to more than $500, although average rates ranges from $94 to $262.

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Look: Running a successful product photography business entails dedication and hard work. When you are still starting out as a photographer, one of the important questions that you will encounter is how much are you going to charge for your services. The worth ...

For example, a product photographer may charge £5 an image for 100 images or £2 for 500. Usage fees: Usage fees, also known as licensing fees, are what a client pays to use your image and they’re based on the amount of use or exposure an image is going to get and how long the images are going to be used for.

Professional Photographer Prices A typical professional photographer costs between $75 and $300 hourly, or from $75 to $375 per photo because they put significant pre-production and post-production editing work into creating the final print.

Similar to by the product, with this method you will be charged a price for each image produced. For example, if the per image rate is $8.00 and you have 100 products requiring a total of 250 images your total project cost would be $2,000. This is the preferred pricing structure for service providers because:

Amateur – $25 – $100 per hour: These photographers are often hobbyists. However, they have a bit more experience creating and selling their photographs. For example, they may have a blog or an online portfolio.

A 10 hour day rate with creative product photographer can range based on experience between $500 a day and going as high as $3000 with the average being around $2000. This does not include assistants, post-production, props, buying and returning props, stylist, models, locations, usage or other billable fees that go into the creation of a shoot.

The client will pay $225 per final image purchased, regardless of how much time you spend shooting or editing. This is how many professional product photographers structure their pricing. You might require a minimum number of images be purchased in addition to the per image charge.

Depending on the size of your event, the location and the experience level of your photographer, event photography pricing can vary. Typically, however, you can expect a rate between $200 and $500 an hour. Consider what you bring to the table: the equipment, lighting, backup equipment, expertise and more.

Top Professional Photographers - Top professional photographers, known as high-end photographers, charge $250 - $500 per hour or $200 -$1200 per image. This elite group of photographers command top dollar for their work and can even be paid up to $10,000 per day depending on their area of specialty.

An amateur photographer will usually charge under $1,000, while the top wedding photographers easily command over $10,000 per shoot.

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