How much is photo restoration at walgreens?

Ruby Feil asked a question: How much is photo restoration at walgreens?
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Photo restoration is an endeavor that you hope to get right the first time, so it's best to work with the pros. MemoryCherish can restore your pictures for $38 per photo. The final costs, however, may vary, depending on the customization options that you have selected.

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Walgreens’ photo restoration, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. Here’s why: In-Store Only Service (At Limited Branches) If you’re looking for online photo restoration, Walgreens falls short on that front – you won’t find any options for photo restorations on their website.

In addition to this, they also have the other common offerings of a photo print shop such as passport photos ($12 for two 2×2 inch photos), typical printing and photo enlargement prices for which start at $0.30 apiece, and many more. Walgreens Photo prices are on competitive with the rest.

Have you ever wanted to restore an old photo? From faded to bent and from cracked to torn, our Photo Restoration service can make your photos look like new again. You can even save 25% off your...

Create personalized photo prints and pick them up in store today at Walgreens. Choose from banners, posters, print books, collages, wallet prints and more!

Prices for our Restoration Only Service start at $95, while the Full Service starts at $150. To give you an idea, an average restoration is usually $250, but an extreme restoration can be as much as $500. With several experts working on each image, high end photo restoration isn’t a cheap option.

Print standard 4x6 photos at Walgreens and get Free Same Day Pickup. Choose glossy or matte finish. Photo print sizes include 4x6, 5x7m 8x10, 4x5.3, 4x4 and 8x8.

No need for you to worry about what filter to use or how to get rid of that old stain – we’ll have it all under control. Plus, our photo restoration prices start at a wallet-friendly $35 per image. No Limits On Editing Options

The software will attempt to detect and crop all photos correctly. Best practice is to leave ~1 inch gap between photos and not line up their corners too much. 4 corners method: put one photo in each corner of the scanner's window. Then scan, and adjust results if necessary. Save all photos.

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