How many wyze cameras can i daisy chain?

Mabel Ryan asked a question: How many wyze cameras can i daisy chain?
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According to the Wyze Labs, it's recommended to daisy-chain up to 3 Wyze Cameras as long as they are not Wyze Pan and you are using certified cables that can handle the power to all of the devices.

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How many Wyze Cam you can daisy chain It's recommended to daisy-chain a maximum of three Wyze Cameras. This number refers to the Wyze Cam V2 since the Wyze Pan has a motor to take care of the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) it's not a good idea to daisy-chain them.

I do wonder, though, if the slightly lower power requirement of the updated WyzeCam 2 with the JX-F23 sensor would make a difference in being able to daisy-chain 3 cameras (putting the JX-F23 one at the end), as I was trying with all original WyzeCam2 with JX-F22 sensors. Loki December 18, 2018, 12:36pm #10.

You can power one additional Wyze Cam by daisy chaining them. Giving you a total of two cameras powered from a single outlet. Try the following steps when daisy chaining: Plug in the first Wyze Cam using the included microUSB and power adapter.

You will find a USB port on the back of your Wyze Cam camera. This is not for local storage. Instead, the port allows you to ‘daisy chain’ your Wyze Cam cameras together. You can chain up to three cameras together, though we only tried two. The three cameras can be any combination of Wyze Cams including Wyze Cam Pan.

Simply connect a Wyze camera to the previous one and continue doing this for as many Wyze cameras as you have. By connecting the first camera to a power bank and daisy-chaining, the others should work, but it may take up more battery and result in a shorter power bank battery life.

The way it’s currently set up, you choose how many cameras you want to pay for, then swap them in and out of your Cam Plus plan as you see fit. So, for example, let’s say you have five cameras. You can pay for three Cam Plus subscriptions and have any three of the five on the Cam Plus plan at any time.

You can connect up to 3 different Wyze cameras in a daisy chain. What is the difference between WYZE Cam v1 and v2? The main differences between the Wyze cam v2 and v1 is on the following:

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