How many edits should a photographer give?

Bridgette Runolfsdottir asked a question: How many edits should a photographer give?
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For my portrait sessions, I aim to do 20-30 edited images for a hour session. There is no right or wrong or answer for this question. It will depend on your posing skills and how fast you can transition poses to get a variety of shots.

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This all depends on what you’re shooting. I am primarily a wedding photographer, I aim to give my clients 50-100 images p/hour that I shoot. That would be the edited images, I would give to them. For my portrait sessions, I aim to do 20-30 edited images for a hour session.

For a standard 8 hour day of wedding photography, this means a photographer should expect to pass along 400-800 photos to their clients. For more on how we arrive to this number, read our thoughts below!

It depends on the photographer, number of hours of shooting, how big the wedding etc. There is no standard number. My photographer guarantees at least 300 for our event, with a long day of shooting around 500-600. You also have to understand that your photographer is going to take waaaaay more photos than that.

Wow… there are so many variables here that your question really can’t be answered (at least not to a specific “number” of images). First, there is the ...

The ‘Two Minute Rule’ is the probably the best ‘pro tip’ I have ever heard and is something which has fundamentally changed my approach to photography. The basic idea is to limit the time you spend processing any image to no more than two minutes.

For any given photo you do see, there may be dozens or hundreds that are slight variations on it that are all a little bit less good. Eyes closed, hair in face, maybe a dog ran in front of the ...

Whatever your reason is for hiring a photographer, it’s good to want to know if a tip is expected. To help you identify when you should give a tip, we’ve decided to look at a few scenarios to help you. With the range of photography services out there – tipping might be more common for some, and less for others. General Tipping Etiquette 101

Let's see, most wedding albums I make have, at most, 50 to 75 photos, depending on the size of the album & number of spreads. Then another dozen or so to make enlargements & prints for themselves, family & friends. wclark5179, Aug 18, 2011. #1.

A photographer will take many, many photos during your session—hundreds of them in total. From these, she will cull the very best, the ones that are most flattering to you, and have the most potential to be works of art. And then she will perfect them, editing them until they are the best they can be, balanced and natural.

So now I am still careful with what I shoot, but folks want more now. So I quote say 100 in an album, I show them 200-250 max, never more than 3 times. Reason, the client is saying no to far more than they say yes to. If they say no to 4-600 images then the overall experience is very negative.

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