How do i transfer photos from facebook to my photos?

Jazlyn Kihn asked a question: How do i transfer photos from facebook to my photos?
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At the Settings screen, go to Your Facebook Information > Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos. Enter your Facebook password at the next screen and click Continue. At the screen to Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos, click the drop-down button under Choose Destination and select Google Photos.

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To import photos or videos from or the Facebook mobile app: Log in to or open the Facebook mobile app. Click the downward arrow in the top-right corner (web) or the...

Hover over the image until the photo’s (and the Like, Comment, and Share buttons at the bottom) appear. Click the “Options” link in the bottom right corner, and then select the “Download” command. The photo should now download in the highest resolution Facebook has on their servers.

I have all of my photos from Facebook in the photos app on the start screen, but I also want them in my Photo Gallery without having to import each one individually from Facebook into the gallery. I want to delete all of my old pictures off Facebook, but I am worried that if I do they will also be deleted from my photos since they are synced.

Log in to Facebook and go to your profile. Click on the “Photos ” tab and then “Albums.” Select the album you want to download and then click on the three horizontal dots on the album.

If you aren't logged into your Facebook account, enter your email address (or phone number) and password in the upper-right side of the page to log in. 2 Go to the picture that you want to download. Scroll through your News Feed until you find the photo that you want to download, or go to the profile of the person who posted the photo to find it.

I want to know how I upload photos from my facebook so i can save them onto my laptop Asked about 5 years ago by Christine 66 Votes · 31 Followers · Seen by 1,928

The ability to quickly and easily copy Facebook pictures over to Google Photos for safe keeping is part of a larger initiative to foster sharing data between different services.

Open your Facebook app. Locate the photo you want to save. Press on the photo. Press on the three horizontal dots button in the top right corner of the screen.

From here, choose Transfer a Copy of your Photos or Videos. Next, you'll be prompted to enter your Facebook password. Once that's done, you're given a "choice" of where you can transfer your photos...

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