How do i delete auto backup photos on samsung?

Ubaldo Mayer asked a question: How do i delete auto backup photos on samsung?
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If you want to clean up all auto backup pictures, you have to go to Settings app. Choose Applications on the menu list and navigate to Application manager. Find out Gallery app, open it and tap on the Clear data or Clear cache button to delete auto backup pictures from your Android phone.

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Samsung mobile also automatically backup your photos to your drive. We are going to tell now how to delete auto pictures on galaxy s3 and other Samsung mobile devices also. Step 1: Google automatically backup photos and if your delete photos from your device then also it will be available there in gallery from auto backup.

Here's how: Step 1. You need to stop auto sync of your photos on Android device at first. To do so, please go to "Settings" > "Accounts" > select "Google" and tap your Email ID. Step 2. Then uncheck "Sync Google + Photos", "Sync Picasa Web Album" and other options that you don't want to sync automatically. Step 3.

Remove gallery backup from Samsung cloud. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next.

By following this simple steps you can delete an auto backup photos from your gallery First go to your phone settings> tap over account subheaders > tap google and then tap over your email account then uncheck your Sync google +photos, then again ...

Tap Accounts and backup. Select Samsung Cloud. Tap on three dots at upper right. Tap Settings. Tap Sync and auto backup settings. Tap Auto back up.

You can delete each album or go into each album and delete the photos in those. When done, on your tablet, go to Settings->Accounts->Google . Select your Google account.

This vedio will tell you how you can remove auto backup photos or google+ photos or picasa photos from your mobile gallery.After, if u have google+ auto back...

2. How Can I Delete an Auto Backup of Photos from my Gallery (step by step guide with screenshots) 1.First and the most important step is Go to your phone's settings. 2. Then one must Scroll to and also tap Accounts & Sync. 3. Then Scroll down to and then tap the synced email address. 4.

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy and open the Gallery app. Select "Pictures" from the bottom menu bar. Long press the pictures that you want to delete. You can also select all by tap on the "All" option or tap on the date to select multiple photos.

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