Everything wrong with the red komodo camera?

Carole Sauer asked a question: Everything wrong with the red komodo camera?
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📷 Komodo camera?

WiFi for camera control via interchangeable antenna with SMA connection Genlock, Timecode-in, GPIO and Ctrl (RS232) via the integrated 9-pin EXT Port Wired control via KOMODO Link Adaptor, using USB-C or Gigabit Ethernet (compatible USB-C to Ethernet adapter1 required) allowing camera control and live MJPEG preview video feed

📷 Buy red komodo camera?

RED CONTROL Access full camera controls and live preview from iOS or Android(coming soon) devices. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. RED Control works wirelessly or wired via the KOMODO Link

📷 Red komodo camera system?

RED CONTROL: Access full camera controls and live preview from iOS or Android(coming soon) devices. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. RED Control works wirelessly or wired via the KOMODO Link Adaptor (sold separately).

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More information about the RED KOMODO camera is sneaking out. While facts may be thin on the ground, the logic of the situation does mean that we can usefully speculate about the nature of the finished product. So, since we write about the RED HYDROGEN One and the new KOMODO camera module/sensor, we've had a big response.

Admittedly, the RED Komodo is a bit of a peculiar camera. RED Komodo Key Features. 19.9MP Super35 Global Shutter CMOS. Canon RF Lens & ARRI CFast 2.0 Support. 16+ Stops Dynamic Range. Up to 6K40, 5K48, 4K60 & 2K120 Recording. REDCODE RAW HQ/MQ/LQ & Apple ProRes. Integrated 2.9″ 1440 x 1440 Touchscreen.

Filmmaker Joey Helms caught on that this camera might be appealing to many who are new to RED cameras and put together a great video with the essential things you need to know. Key Accessories It may not require the usual accessories RED cameras are known to need, but the KOMODO is still a compact cinema camera that will benefit from some extra bits and pieces to make life easier.

Here's what one of its early adopters has to say about it. Komodo was teased over a year ago. The Super 35 6K camera marks RED's jump into a much smaller form factor which is sure to appease many filmmakers. The company started to ship its white Stormtrooper version which means the black model that will go out to the general public is on the ...

RED CONTROL: Access full camera controls and live preview from iOS or Android(coming soon) devices. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. RED Control works wirelessly or wired via the KOMODO Link Adaptor (sold separately).

And “Komodo” is both the camera body and the sensor (historically, RED has given the sensors their own unique names separate from the body that houses them). Essentially, this means that it’s like a special-purpose support camera designed for going into places where you might not want to risk your main camera, or your main camera simply doesn’t work.

The RED Komodo is now shipping to early adaptors. Image: Phil Holland. The 6K RED Komodo is an interesting camera for a multitude of reasons. From the perspective of RED it is the smallest camera that it has yet produced, and it is also possibly the first camera it has made that features everything required to make it work straight from the box.

- High Frame Rates - Most Red cameras can do 96fps in 6k (Komodo will top out at 40 or 50fps) and 120-150fps in 4k. The specs haven't been released yet, but I'd be surprised if Komodo matched this. - Modularity - All of Red's other cameras can be built out based on the production.

1. RED KOMODO Outrigger Handle. The KOMODO is small and boxy, which is fine if you just want to leave it on a tripod all day, but terrible if you want to pick it up at all. The KOMODO Outrigger Handle made by RED is practically an essential accessory.. It can be moved up and down as needed, leaves room for other accessories, and has a record button.

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