Does a speed camera have to flash to catch you?

Dejah Ratke asked a question: Does a speed camera have to flash to catch you?
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MYTH: SPEED CAMERAS DON'T ALWAYS FLASH WHEN THEY CATCH YOU SPEEDING. Yes, it's true that speed cameras will not always flash when they catch you speeding. This is simply because there are a variety of different types of speed cameras in operation throughout the UK, some of which don't flash.

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When does a speed camera flash if one is exceeding the limit? a) Anywhere that you are speeding in the view of the camera. This means whether you are 150 m or 50 meters down the road b) At a certain point (e.g. as you pass the camera)

Speed cameras are proven to reduce speeding, and can catch far higher numbers of speeding drivers than traffic police with mobile cameras." 2) You have to be speeding at least 10 per cent of the...

Average speed cameras work by recording your speed at two different points. They don't capture your speed in a single flash. Instead, they'll monitor your speed over a length of road.

The other types of speed camera don’t flash at all, so it depends which one you passed. The new ones (the thin ones on tall posts) don’t even have film in them. They use computers to recognize the registration number and send the fine off automatically (it could be in the post before you get home)

The latest speed camera fines came into force on April 24, 2017– find out how much you’ll be fined if you’re caught speeding based on your weekly wage below. Band. MPH over stated speed limit. Fine (percentage of relevant weekly wage) Number of points on licence or length of disqualification. Band A. 1mph to 10mph. 25-75%.

Well they have 14 days to issue a notice of intended prosecution (the fancy way of saying send a 'we caught ya' letter), if it arrives after that then they can't prosecute you regardless. Not all cameras flash. It may have been off, it may have been faulty, neither of these are guaranteed.

Most speed cameras flash when they capture an image, but you might not see the flash of a Truvelo forward-facing camera. That's because forward-facing Truvelo cameras have a special filter over the...

Fixed speed cameras have a set trigger for catching people speeding, however, it is unconfirmed what most are set at so it's not worth gambling and assuming they give you 10% - never exceed the speed limit.

Can you be caught by a mobile speed camera if you’re behind another car? With a diameter as small as 10cm, the laser beam emitted by a mobile speed camera can target you as long as it can see your vehicle. Meaning that only a small sighting of part of your vehicle is needed to gain a reading.

Normally a speed camera e.g. Gatso will only flash when the speed of the passing vehicle triggers the camera, by driving beyond the threshold of the camera i.e. the speed limit. The speed limit threshold can be set differently for cars versus trucks and lorries.

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