Do waterproof cameras take good pictures?

Sallie Kihn asked a question: Do waterproof cameras take good pictures?
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Photo and Video Quality: Waterproof cameras allow you to get pictures that would otherwise be impossible to capture, but that's not very useful if the images and videos are blurry… This won't save every picture — you should aim to be as still as possible — but it's good to have some assistance when taking tough shots.

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Compare the best waterproof cameras available… That crazy My friend told me that he wants to take pictures o... Best point and shoot camera? No delay!? waterproof camera uk ... what do u think of the Kodak EasyShare Z650 digital camera is it a good camera ?

Whether you’re an underwater photographer or a watersport enthusiast, the best waterproof cameras can capture excellent images above and below the waves. From reinforced compact models to all-out...

One of the hardest parts when you’re prospecting about a new waterproof camera, is ensuring that the same picture you get above water can be snapped underwater. Your lens adjusts to the water ever so slightly to allow for a great photograph, and this one takes the cake on transition.

Of course, these days we expect our cameras to do more than simply take still photographs, and waterproof cameras take video as well. Most waterproof cameras are capable of at least 1080p video,...

The Waterproof Disposable Camera. While most disposable cameras are well known for being a camera in a cardboard box, some genius decided to give the disposable camera a waterproof plastic box. This meant that no longer were your holiday snaps just of the land, now you could take your camera into the pool and the ocean.

So the answer is to get a waterproof camera. Something that doesn't cost as much—so if something does go wrong, it's not the end of the world. Many waterproof cameras are also ruggedized, so they...

Whether you need the best camera for photography as a hobby, for a professional portfolio or your family photo album, these 10 good cameras for taking pictures are the models you can buy no matter what budget you have.

Canon being a world leader in cameras has come out with one of the better underwater cameras that is feature rich. It is an ideal camera for taking outdoors and of course underwater. The Canon Power Shot D30 is an extremely tough and durable camera that will take excellent pictures while taking just about any abuse you throw at it.

Since this is an all-weather camera, it can be used in almost any environment, and it’s even great for shooting photos in snowy conditions. With a waterproof enclosure, this camera can be used up to 35 feet underwater, and it can take up to 27 pictures.

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