Do sharpies work on glossy photos?

Shana Gleichner asked a question: Do sharpies work on glossy photos?
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Sharpies are a good choice to use on photo paper because they will not damage a photo and they show up on the photo's surface… It is important to properly use a Sharpie on a photo so that this does not happen.

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Quality inks and features in a range of tip sizes The non-toxic ink of each Sharpie pen is waterproof and smear- and fade-resistant, for archival-quality journaling and scrapbooking. Can you write on semi gloss paper? Glossy, satin, luster, or semi-gloss inkjet papers (photo papers) require pen as pencil will not work.

On our photo cards, there is a little bit of space if I want to add a personal note or sign our last name. I'm curious if you think a sharpie will write on glossy photo stock or if it'll "slide" off.

The Sharpie Paint markers are very good. They make a fine tip that will work very well for glossy signatures. They also have a good consistency, and hold a even flow as you write. Can you draw on glossy paper?

However, I found that it does work great if you use regular markers on it, then erase them with a damp paper towel. You have the glossy um photo paper cuz it's a little more shiny um than the matte kind. When you’re done coloring, cut as closely around your design as you can. We have 3 weights that we use, and for simplicity I'll say thin, thick, and coated cardstock. The latter is used by ...

Sharpies are a good choice to use on photo paper because they will not damage a photo and they show up on the photo's surface. Once dry, a Sharpie will not rub off of a photo in typical cases. Many people like to use Sharpies to sign photos or to add fun designs. However, a Sharpie can smudge and ruin a ...

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Sharpie tends to work the best - I've tried other markers and they tend to just smear or wipe off I use both the regular and fine-point.. I think it just depends on the look you're going for. The Fine Point ones give a much cleaner looking (pen-like) look, great for writing more than a word or two while the normal sharpies look more like an autograph but get messy pretty easily since it's a ...

They are excellent for writing on the backs of plastic-coated photographs and other glossy surfaces such as film, glass, plastic, porcelain, and metal. They work equally well on paper photos, album pages, and mounted photos, and on polypropylene or polyester sleeves.

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