Do shared photos use memory?

Ray Cartwright asked a question: Do shared photos use memory?
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Shared photos and videos are stored in iCloud. But they don't count against your iCloud storage limit. You're free to share up to 5,000 photos without having to pay for more storage.

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iCloud Photo Library automatically keeps all your photos and videos in the original, high-resolution version. Follow these steps to choose how you store your photos and videos on your device: In iOS, tap Settings > iCloud > Photos or Settings > Photos & Camera, then select a storage setting.

Shared Albums also support special formats that you capture with your iPhone, like slo-mo, time-lapse, Live Photos, and Memory videos. When shared, photos are reduced to 2048 pixels on the long edge, except panoramic

It all depends on how your collaborators uploaded their photos. If they use Original quality to upload the photos it would count against their storage quota but if High quality is used it wouldn't count against anyone's storage quota. This also applies to you also.

I am running iOS 12.3.1 on an iPhone 8. Currently, the only photos I have in my Photos app are in Shared Albums, mostly created by others. I've cleared everything else, including Recently Deleted…

You can tap a Memory thumbnail to open it and see all the photos and videos in that particular Memory, or you can tap See All to scroll through all of your Memories. When you open a Memory, you can scroll down to see the people included in the memory, a map showing where the photos and videos were taken, and a list of related Memories.

On your Family & Friends list, locate the Guest you want to share your photos with and select “Edit” to access the photo sharing control. If someone is not on your Family & Friends list and you do not wish to add them, you can also invite people to view your photos through email or Facebook.

Photos are an effective tool for memory retention only if we take the time to look at photos — which many of us don't do, says Henkel: "We need to take the time to look at photos after the ...

Shared photostream icloud usage Hi guys (or girls ;-)), I love the shared photostream, now I can create an album and put some photo's in it and it automatically shows those albums on all my devices without the need to sync them

Here’s a list of some other great uses for Disney PhotoPass and Memory Maker: There are 3 PhotoPass Studios on property that allow you to walk right up and take free photos. There’s one in the Marketplace in Disney Springs, one in Sir Mickey’s in the Magic Kingdom, and one on the second floor of the Grand Floridian.

2.2 Create albums and upload photos via Photo Station. Launch Photo Station, and click Add to create a new album or upload photos from your computer or Synology NAS to existing albums. Note: If you prefer uploading photos via the Photo Station interface, it is highly recommended that you enable QuickConnect service.

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