Do photographers get mad when you edit their photos?

Donny Anderson asked a question: Do photographers get mad when you edit their photos?
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Photographers don't ask you not to edit their work to be mean. They don't do it to be precious or pretentious. They literally do it because that photo, any photo they take is their business card and it's what puts food on their table… It's exactly the same for photographers when you edit a photo.


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📷 Do all photographers edit their photos?

Do All Professional Photographers Edit Their Photos? There has long been a schism in the general public’s views on picture processing. Some believe it would “detract” from the raw art of photography, whilst others see it as a means to improve photographs. After all, visual perception is at the heart of both sculpture and photography.

📷 How do professional photographers edit their photos?

  1. Adobe Lightroom. Probably the most robust photo editor out of the bunch…
  2. Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is still the most dominant image editing platform.

📷 What did photographers use to edit their photos?

  • A photographer wanting to edit photos would use simple opaque paints as well as airbrushes and charcoals. Photo editing was used for the same things we use today. Artistic viewpoint, political satire, and adding missing family members into portraits were all practices started in the late 1800s.

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How do professional photographers organize their photos?
  • Backup images on the cloud.
  • Stock up on memory cards and external hard drives.
  • Use your editing software for backup and organization.
  • Invest in a network-attached storage device.
  • Backup your hard drives with Backblaze.
How do professional photographers share their photos?

Some photographers deliver digital images via a file-sharing site. These sites, like Google Drive, Dropbox or Adobe Cloud, are designed to share all different kinds of digital files, not just images. You deliver files much the same way as you would with a photo gallery hosting service, via a link to an online site.

How do professional photographers store their photos?

As the world of technology is increasingly moving to the cloud, more photographers are opting for cloud storage of their photos, through cloud services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. These services sync images on your computer to their cloud servers.

How did photographers retouch their photos before photoshop?
  • After a negative had been exposed and had captured an image, the photographer would use chemicals in a darkroom to develop and then “fix” it, so that it was no longer sensitive to light. Some photographers then varnished their negatives, adding a protective coating before they began retouching.
How do photographers put their name on photos?

Photographers attach their names on their photos by watermarking them and it's a very simple thing to do. You can do it too if you'd like. The watermark can look like anything, here's an example, it's a little exaggerated but you get the idea.

How much do photographers sell their photos for?

The cost of selling image rights should depend on your level of work, labor, resources, photography experience, marketing, and terms of use. In general, you can get anywhere between $20 to $50.

Do photographers edit pictures?

Yes, they do. And if you're serious about photography, YOU NEED TO. Shooting is only the first half of creating a good photograph, and it doesn't end after you press the shutter button. Photo editing involves modifying, correcting, and adjusting your images to improve them.

How do photographers edit portraits?
  1. Use The Healing Brush Properly…
  2. Know How To Dodge And Burn…
  3. Play With Layer Masks…
  4. Try Out Different Blending Modes…
  5. Use The Selective Color Tool To Fix Awkward Color Casts…
  6. Play With Gradients…
  7. Use Presets To Speed Up Your Editing…
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Why do professional photographers give customers all of their photos?
  • Using your analogy, the photographer would be the homeowner and the images are the blueprints. You have no right to her RAW files or anything else…they’re hers. You see, Boris, even bad art is protected by copyright. And just because you weren’t happy with the final images, doesn’t give you special rights above hers.
Do photographers delete photos?

Simply put, yes as a professional photographer I hold onto all RAW “keeper” images forever… RAW rejects, on the other hand, can be deleted after satisfactory delivery of final products such as a wedding album or portrait canvas, etc.

Can google photos edit videos?

To get started with these new tools, open a video in Google Photos, then tap the “Edit” icon at the bottom of the screen to load the in-app editor. Video: Trim your video's length, mute audio, apply stabilization, and export individual frames as image files.

Can you edit professional photos?

Not editing photographs. Have you ever been photographed by a professional wedding photographer? Not just a wedding photographer in fact, but any professional photographer. If so, you may have come across a clause in their contract which states that you must not edit the photographs that they deliver to you.

Where can i edit photos?

You can edit your photos at funphotobox They have a lot of funny effects which you can apply to your photos. It is free and very simple but result is gorgeous. You should checkout Screen Dash. Its the only image software that combines Screenshot Capture, Paint tools, Photo editing, and instant Image hosting. Capture Screenshots, Edit Photos, and Host Images in Seconds. You can use Gitashare PicShop to edit photos like PS, and Gitashare PicShop is full freeware. You can do so in tonality pro, snapselect, snapheal

How do photographers edit portraits in lightroom?

Guide to Editing Portraits in Lightroom Get it right in camera. A well-composed, well-lit portrait shot on a high-quality camera will not only require less... Don’t go too heavy with your edit. While landscapes and street photography can sometimes lend themselves well to a heavy... Set the white ...

Do photographers give unedited photos?

Some photographers will provide them, or will provide them for a cost. Those clients are better off with those photographers. If you don't want to provide RAWs, that's fine. But you should never be surprised by that request after shooting.

Do photographers use google photos?

There are lots of solutions out there for professional photographer's to create albums they can share with their clients. But at the end of the day, Google Photos is one of the best options. And certainly the most affordable.

How do photographers sort photos?
  1. Find All Printed Photos. If you have printed images, find every single one that you want to preserve and digitize…
  2. Digitize Printed Photos…
  3. Locate Digital Photos…
  4. Use a Single Storage Device…
  5. Use a Solid Folder Structure…
  6. Organize All Photos…
  7. Backup Your Photos.
Where do photographers print photos?

The best place to print photos online

  • Snapfish. If you’re looking for a photo product from calendars to pillow cases, chances are, Snapfish has it…
  • CVS…
  • Mpix…
  • WhiteWall…
  • White House Custom Color (WHCC) Uploading photos to a web printer is often the most time-consuming part of actually ordering prints — but thanks to a partnership, White House Custom ...
Can you edit photos on flickr?

With the Flickr Photo Editor, you can edit images that have already been uploaded to Flickr, allowing you to express your artistic side! ... Click the Edit icon, and select Edit with Flickr Photo Editor. Edit by selecting from the toolbar. Once you have finished editing, click Save.

Can you edit your wedding photos?

You are allowed to edit any digital file they give you. This is why some photographers do not give clients the RAW files, so it limits what they can do. If they gave you the RAW files, then that's even better.

How can i edit photos quickly?
  1. Fix Your Images In-Camera to Save Time…
  2. Use Import & Export Tools…
  3. Have a System to Find Your Images Faster…
  4. Edit Only the Best Images…
  5. Eliminate Keystrokes…
  6. Use Presets and Auto For Quick Adjustments…
  7. Use Batch-Editing.
How do you edit beach photos?
  1. Straighten The Horizon.
  2. White Balance. Adjust the temperature of your photograph to match your scene's environment; this will better craft a story…
  3. Dilute The Highlights.
  4. Bump Up The Contrast…
  5. Pop It With Color.