Do insurance companies get camera footage?

Jany West asked a question: Do insurance companies get camera footage?
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They will do whatever they can to access video footage that will help them prove or disprove liability in a case. With that said, let's talk about some of the important components that come into play when an insurance company incorporates video evidence into the situation.

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Note that while an insurance company has the right to access public camera footage, it cannot hire someone to record you without your permission. An insurance company cannot stake out your home, for example, for video evidence of you walking on a leg you said was injured.

If you’re wondering if insurance companies can get traffic camera footage of an accident, the answer is, they can, and you should assume they will. If you’re involved in an auto accident where you or another occupant in your vehicle is injured, the insurance company will most certainly try to obtain traffic camera footage to defend their liability or to prove liability on your part.

Insurance companies often try to use footage captured at the time of the incident to prove (or disprove) liability, and they will even go so far as to try to use footage of a person at his or her home or in public places to prove that the person exaggerated his or her injuries.

Since Texas truck accidents often result in steep damages, insurance companies have been trying to use video footage as a way to disprove liability—but is it legal? The Amaro Law Firm is a Houston, Texas based law firm that aggressively represents parties in personal injury, 18 wheeler wreck, and work injury cases.

As you can see, dash cams have the ability to capture a lot of information that can be useful when filing an insurance claim. So, not only will most insurers accept dash cam footage as evidence, they’ll be happy to use it. Dash cam footage makes an insurance company’s job much easier.

A single moment of footage does not establish whether a person is able to work. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that law can do to stop insurance companies from sneaking around and spying on you. With some insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual and The Hartford, surveillance is guaranteed to some degree.

Car dash cams are catching on in the U.S., but auto-insurance companies don't offer a discount for using one and have no standard policy on accepting or reviewing footage.

Do insurance companies get camera footage? Insurance companies have no more rights to your footage than you do. All of the avenues that these attorneys use to obtain camera footage are also available to you and your lawyer.

Therefore, even if you see a camera, you should take it with a grain of salt. You should still gather evidence at the scene by taking pictures and talking to eyewitnesses because the footage may not be there. Do Not Self-Incriminate Yourself in the Meantime. It can take several days or weeks for the footage to get to the insurance company.

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