Do aftermarket stereos work with backup camera?

Rickey Lang asked a question: Do aftermarket stereos work with backup camera?
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Backup Camera

One of the most important safety features all new cars today have is a camera to aid in backing up. Unfortunately, adding an aftermarket stereo will often mean that the factory backup camera no longer works without an adapter harness.

Unfortunately, adding an aftermarket stereo will often mean that the factory backup camera no longer works without an adapter harness… Without an adapter, most factory backup camera systems cannot be used with many aftermarket head units.

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The built-in microphone does wonders with catching the driver’s voice, so the need for yelling is eliminated. Even though the stereo doesn’t come with a camera, it fully supports backup cams with proximity sensors. Pros. A solid all-around car stereo with Bluetooth, GPS, backup camera support, and much more.

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera – Boss BCPA9690RC, #2 Best Apple Carplay stereo with backup camera – Eonon GA2187 #3 Budget Double Din Stereo with Backup Camera Hikity Android Stereo #4 Best Bluetooth Stereo with Backup Camera – JVC KW-V25BT

BC1SUS will allow you to integrate the OEM backup camera to the aftermarket head unit, but it requires cutting of the factory video wires (V+, V-, CGND, CA+) and need to solder them to the corresponding wires on the BC1SUS. Please check out the following link for more information : BC1SUS

The manufacturer also includes 7 LED light options in the package. Ideally, this double din car stereo is multifunction. It supports BT and hands-free calling, music player, back-up camera, steering wheel control, video player, FM radio, TF card (up to 32GB), USB, and AUX IN.

I've been searching this forum for 4 days and have found every which way to get the OEM Backup camera to work with an aftermarket stereo on almost all models of CRV's EXCEPT for 2012 with Navigation. I've even found the wiring diagrams for this model yet those diagrams do not show which wires are for the backup camera.

Parts linked in the description below!Watch a tutorial as we explain how to install a backup camera in your car to a compatible aftermarket radio. We will b...

Get this stereo which works well with aftermarket back up can, Bluetooth, Pandora, Spotify, ACC, XM and much more. It has the best sound quality and this is a great ideal when you’re having long trips. If you’re familiar with customizing your stereo then this deck has tons of features which you’re love.

On the back of the stock radio, where the camera input is, if one of the wires is shielded, that will be the signal wire. If you have access to an oscilloscope, it to will be super easy to determine which is which as the signal wire (while the camera is on and displaying on the OEM radio) will have a very distinctive envelope pattern. (see below)

The features you use every day — voice commands, Bluetooth® connectivity, iPod® control, steering wheel controls, your back-up camera, even satellite radio in some vehicles — will work beautifully alongside aftermarket benefits like an HD Radio™ tuner, Garmin navigation, CarPlay™, and Android Auto™.

Yes, you can connect a backup camera to the head unit by mounting the camera properly, connecting the wires, placing and powering the transmitter and attaching correctly with the head unit. It is recommended that you follow all the steps mentioned here.

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