Change my gmail cover photo?

Marcellus Johnston asked a question: Change my gmail cover photo?
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How to change cover photo of gmail

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Tap / Click on the picture and select Account, Select Change photo, Follow the instructions. It will take 0 / 24 hours for the change to be applied in All Google products and services.

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How to change and edit your google™ plus profile and cover photo

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Cover Photos for Google Accounts are no longer supported, very few products now support a cover photo for your profile and as such it is a feature that has been removed. The only place you're likely to see the 'cover photo' is when viewing your own Google Account profile. If you would like to leave feedback for Google regarding the absence of a Cover Photo, please use the options to 'submit feedback', usually available via the main menu in the Google Product you are using. Gold Product ...

How do I change my Gmail background picture? Go to SETTINGS and select the option THEMES from it. And select option MY PHOTOS, from right side bottom of the window. you can choose drive of your system as well as your google drive. Where you have put your desired photo just navigate and select your desired photo click OK.

Gmail/G+ allows you to change the cover photo along with the profile photo. I already changed both. The profile photo will also be used in the Gmail app on most (every?)

Follow these steps to change your photo: Step 1: Select the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device to open it. Step 2: Click on the photo icon you see at the top right corner. Step 3: A window ...

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Make your Gmail account more interesting by dressing it up with a new theme.Watch this short video and learn how.

Watch this video to learn how to add a photo to your Gmail account or change your Gmail photo to something new. We’ll walk you through the process of both ad...

To add a cover photo using your PC, log in to your GMB profile and select Photos > Overview > Cover. Then select your image. If you’re using an iPhone, tap Profile > Add a Cover Photo. If you’re using an Android device, tap Upload > Profile > Photos.

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How to change/delete a google gmail profile photo