Can you transfer photos from photo stick to computer?

Arvel Johns asked a question: Can you transfer photos from photo stick to computer?
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You can operate the device on any computer. It can also be used to transfer files from one computer to the next. The Photo Stick will act as a bridge between them, and you can place files from one computer onto the stick, take the stick with you and then insert it into the other computer.

The software that the photostick uses is all on the device itself and does not need to be downloaded onto your computer. It does not put any software on your device. It can transfer files to your device, but never implants software there.

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Shows you How to copy Photos from a USB Stick to your computer and put them in a folder on Windows 10

If it is designed to go into a USB port just plug it in to your computer. If not go to a camera store and get a “card reader”. It will probably probably come with a cable. Connect it to your computer using a USB port. Since you didn’t tell us what...

Plug ThePhotoStick® into an open USB slot. From File Explorer, double-click on ThePhotoStick_Windows.exe. To start on Mac: Plug into an open USB slot.

Select the photos you wish to transfer, right click on those, you will find Send to option, over the mouse on top of it to find the devices to transfer the photos. If the device is not detected, try to connect to different ports (if accessing via USB ports). This will let us know if the issue is with ports on your computer.

You should always have two backups of your data. If you have a Mac with Time Machine, that will be backing up the photos on your computer if you've synced or transferred them from your iPhone. If you copy files to an external thumb drive or hard drive, make sure that you can open them before deleting them from your iPhone or computer.

So, after plugging the USB stick in your computer you need to open the files. So, simply open the files from your pc. After opening the files select the photos and files you want to transfer. So, simply select the photos and then press the copy button or press ctrl+C.

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You plug The Photo Stick into one of the USB ports on your computer or laptop. When prompted, hit the GO button to initiate the backup process. The Photo Stick searches through every file and directory on your computer and identifies photographs to be backed up. The Photo Stick eliminates duplicates to maximize your storage space.

You can transfer photos from your Android phone to a PC using the cord that came with the phone. Unlock your phone with your password or fingerprint. Connect the Android phone to the computer using a micro-USB or USB-C to USB cord. Ideally, this is the same cord that came with your phone.

I think that a lot of other Photo Stick reviews have come to the same conclusion as I have: I would give thePhotoStick Mobile a solid 9/10. It is definitely convenient because it only takes one tap to do all that tedious sorting, filing, and transferring for you. Because it is so easy to use, anybody can do it.

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