Can you scan photographs taken professional photographer?

Candelario Torp asked a question: Can you scan photographs taken professional photographer?
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With professional family photos, such as images taken at a portrait studio, copyright belongs to the original photographer. Digitizing these photos and sharing them on platforms like blogs and social media can run into copyright protections.

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This means that it is unlawful for others to do anything with these photographs without the photographer’s permission. This includes making prints, copying, scanning, photocopying, emailing, publicly displaying or creating “derivative works” of the photos.

Can you scan photographs taken professional photographer. Mark Fynch November 15, 2017 at 9:49 am. Hiya. I just spoke with someone at LegacyBox about some portrait studio photographs and they said that there's a clause that states that because they are just upgrading the format, they can reproduce (scan) one copy of a copyrighted item as a DIGITAL BACKUP, whether it be a studio portrait or a ...

It's legal to scan pictures by a photographer onto your computer however it is illegal to use this picture in any commercial venture. While you are free to enjoy pictures taken by others, you cannot use that picture as your own. You cannot sell, reproduce or otherwise claim any right to the picture. The picture must remain for personal enjoyment.

Professional portrait photos usually have contact information somewhere (perhaps at the bottom or on the back), since portrait photographers typically make money by selling reprints. You probably won’t be able to get a company to scan the photo and make a reprint, as companies are legally obligated to get the photographer’s permission.

You can use the options on the left side to flip the image until it is right-side up. You can also click on the corners of the image where you see little black boxes and drag the edges of the image inward in order to crop out the excess areas. There are more editing options on the right side of the box. 5. Click on Accept to scan.

Cheap document scanners are unlikely to take a high enough quality scan to preserve your old photographs effectively. A good quality flatbed scanner is the best choice to invest in for scanning printed copies of old photographs. You must check it includes settings that allow you to scan at an optical resolution of at least 600 DPI.

If you have Photoshop, you can open any photo in camera raw by going to File > Open As and opening your scan as a Raw file. This can allow you to set a more accurate white point than the Selective Color tool, and also allows you the wealth of fairly complex tools in Camera Raw (or other comparable programs.) Lots of additional improvements can ...

Hiring a Photo Scanning Service Plenty of companies can scan your photos for you. Usually, it works like this: You mail your images to the company, and they take some time to scan them. Once your...

For these photographers, allowing their work to be shared indiscriminately is unacceptable. From their perspective, it costs them revenue. Therefore, it is entirely possible that if you are scanning in purchased prints or linking to online versions provided by the photographer, they will come after you for money they believe you owe.

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