Can someone copyright a photo of me?

Maeve Hansen asked a question: Can someone copyright a photo of me?
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Is there time limit on copyrights for photographs?

  • Yes, in the United States there is a time-limit for the copyright of a photograph, even if the image has been copyrighted with the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. How long a photographic image remains copyrighted depends on when it was made.

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Can someone copyright a photograph they took of me that I gave no permission for Yes. In fact, copyright is automatically awarded to the photographer. They don't have to claim or apply for it. The reason this is the case is that

While you’re not entitled to use a photo of you that someone else holds the copyright of, they’re also limited in what they can do with it. You might not have rights to the photo, but you do have rights to your likeness and reputation.

Is it illegal to use someone else’s photo on dating sites? If you do not have permission to use the photograph from the copyright holder, you would be in violation of copyright laws. Aside from that, it is not illegal to post someone else’s picture on a dating site without intent to defraud those with whom you are corresponding.

You cannot, in most circumstances, sue someone for the act of taking photographs. Not even in your own home. The taking of photographs is considered a form of expression, thus this is protected by free speech rights and few countries offer a civil tort where you can sue for damages from being photographed. Why would a guy take a picture of you?

If someone takes a photo, copyright can exist in that photo. If someone takes a photo of a work protected by copyright, and the work forms an essential part of the image, using that photo on the ...

Anything taken on public land, yes you can. Unless you have taken pictures through windows or open doors and violated what is someone’s private space. But NOT if you are trying to sell your photo for commercial use. You cannot take a shot of a gorgeous guy and try to sell it to an advertising agency.

After the photo is taken, however, the photographer should be concerned with the person’s right of publicity. You violate a person’s right of publicity when, without permission, you use a photo of a person for your own benefit. The “editorial” use of a photo is not considered a use of the person’s image for your own benefit.

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