Can ahd camera work on analog dvr?

Candelario Auer asked a question: Can ahd camera work on analog dvr?
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If you choose AHD camera that supports AHD 0.8 format, then camera will deliver 960H resolution, so it works with your traditional 960H DVR. This is the reason why Nextchip claims AHD is back-compatible with conventional analog video surveillance system.

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The answer depends on the capability of the security cameras that were given to you. If they are “hybrid BNC / coax security cameras” that support multiple video formats and resolutions then you can check to see if they have an analog CCTV mode. This will allow you to use your existing analog CCTV DVR for now. If you later upgrade to a HD security camera DVR, you can switch the camera into a compatible HD resolution mode. Hybrid Analog CCTV / HD Security Camera

Some hybrid models support analog CCTV and AHD cameras. There are also some hybrid models that support analog CCTV, AHD, and TVI cameras. The exact version of an iDVR-PRO is confirmed by viewing the firmware version of the DVR. Please follow the instructions below to get the firmware version of your DVR.

Additionally, the AHD cameras also can't work with Analog Matrix and other video transmission, recording & displaying device. Can AHD cameras work with traditional DVR? Well, it's a bit complex for this question, we answer this may take a paragraph. 4# AHD cameras may work with your 960H DVR

AHD CCTV cameras are connected to DVRs using the same type of coaxial cable as traditional analog CCTV cameras, typically RG59 or RG6 coax cable. One of the advantages of AHD over HD-SDI cameras (another HD over coax security camera standard), is that RG59 coax cable can be run long distances without video loss.

Long press Left button- AHD. Q. Can the AHD camera be connected to analog DVR? A. Yes, when switched to CVBS mode, the user can connect the AHD camera to analog DVR. Q. Can the user view the camera feed on mobile phone and computer? A. Yes, after connecting the camera to DVR, the user can view the camera through DVRs’ network view function. Q.

If you are able to determine that you have analog CCTV cameras and you are looking for a replacement DVR, I highly recommend that you consider an HD hybrid DVR, which work both analog CCTV cameras and the latest 1080p HD security cameras.. The big benefit to a hybrid DVR is that users can utilize their existing CCTV analog cameras and also add additional or replace some / all of their existing ...

At CCTV Camera Pros, we often get asked if our HD security cameras are compatible with an existing DVR surveillance system from another manufacturer. With so many HD video standards and resolutions available, it can be confusing. This article is going to discusses camera, DVR, cable, and accessory compatibility for HD over coax type surveillance systems (HD CCTV).

This tutorial originally come from user manual content of Qsee cameras. Please keep in mind that AHD cameras only work with AHD DVR, likewise, HDCVI cameras work with HDCVI DVR and HDTVI cameras work with HD-TVI DVR. All these analog HD products based on different technology can't be compatible each other.

TVI and AHD are back compatible with analog cameras (PAL/NTSC). All TVI/AHD DVRs can support both TVI/AHD and PAL/NTSC cameras at the same time, so there is no need to replace all the cameras. Some CVI DVRs can support both CVI and PAL/NTSC cameras, bot not all of them. Posted December 5, 2015

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